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Planify Capital Private Limited is a fintech company that aims to build India's biggest private equity marketplace. It helps startups and entrepreneurs for fundraising by providing seed funding, start-up funding, and growth funding through accredited investors.

It offers pre-IPO, Upcoming IPO & private equity through secondary share sales by providing liquidity to angel Investors, AIFs, VC, and Private Equity funds. It helps employees unlock their net worth by liquidating ESOP of employees, pool of employees, or startup ESOP sale program. It offers to sell the startup and business to help founders make an exit and pass the baton to the new founders.

The curation of Planify emerged from the need to bring cutting-edge tech to the 42 Billion $ fundraising market and 77 billion $ private equity which is completely unorganized. This young firm wants to capture the maximum market through a solution like never before in India.

The vision is to be the go-to place for the entrepreneurship and startup wave in India. Planify understands the challenges of raising the capital of an entrepreneur to expand a business or the startup and thereby, assists start-ups in making this process easier and more exciting.

Planify gives founders the freedom to focus their time and energy in setting up core business activities like strategy, sales, expansion to gaze the fiercely competitive arena by providing the capital they need.These backed-up startups will create more employment opportunities in India.

Planify's secondary sale of shares service offers stocks that have not yet been listed on the stock exchange to investors, making the exchange of hands in unlisted companies simple. The need arose as a result of an underserved market, lack of investor awareness of unlisted shares, and huge amounts of investments required.

Furthermore, investors frequently do not receive an allocation of shares during IPO allotment, but they do have the opportunity to invest in them before this through planify.As a result, Planify provides shares of companies such as Reliance Retail, HDB, CSK, OYO, Pharmeasy, etc which are not available on the public market but appear to be appealing investments due to their big brands and huge growth prospects.

Planify provides investors with detailed research reports on companies trading on the unlisted market.

Liquidation is the largest issue for employees with ESOPs from start-ups because there isn't much market area where they can be sold. This platform is provided by Planify to investors. They have a huge number of investors that are always seeking good firms to invest in. Planify delivers the fastest turnaround time in closing deals based on the demand for ESOP shares of the company in the unlisted market.

Promoters can use Planify to sell their businesses or start-ups. It assists companies in selling their businesses whether they are in the service, restaurant, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, wholesale, online, or any other industry. On this most active marketplace, businesses can reach 15x more buyers.

Rajesh Singla is the founder & CEO of Planify. Planify entered the private equity market at the beginning of 2019 and is now the market leader, with over 250 unlisted companies trading with them and a substantial number of companies partnering with them on valuation and fundraising. Currently, they serve over 10,000+ investors, with plans to grow to about 50,000 in the coming years.

Planify is one of the chosen start-ups for investment in the private equity market. It is a self-funded, bootstrapped company that is financially self-sufficient. It is a profitable venture and the company has experienced 300% growth in the first year and 1000% growth in the second year of its establishment. It has crossed 150 crores in turnover in the current fiscal year, with the company anticipating a surge in the next 10-12 months. Planify has an employee strength of 50+ people right now and is expected to hire roughly 200 people in the coming months for various positions. The company aspires to become India's most popular platform for raising funds for enterprises and trading in the private market.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the go-to place for the entrepreneurship and startup wave in India

Our Mission

Our mission is to fund every enterpreneur to help them gain easily acess to financial and stratergic capital, to propel their company growth.

Our Values


People with great passion and devotion can make the impossible happen. A place when work, commitment, and pleasure all become one.


The difference between the greats and the average is discipline. Discipline to work when no one is watching.


Learning new skills, experimenting, failing & trying again is the journey that makes success more satisfying and fulfilling.


A little progress every day adds up to Big Results.
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