Planify is a fintech startup that is focused to build India's first Marketplace for Private Equity.

Planify offer stocks that are yet not listed to Investors (Angel, Accredited Investors, VC, AIF and PE Funds) so that the exchange of hands can become easy in unlisted companies.

It aims to solve the problem of the availability of IPO stocks to investors with its flagship product PreIPO. Startups and Private companies can raise funds on our platform.

The History of Planify

Our Values


People with great passion and devotion can make the impossible happen. A place when work, commitment, and pleasure all become one.


The difference between the greats and the average is discipline. Discipline to work when no one is watching.


Learning new skills, experimenting, failing & trying again is the journey that makes success more satisfying and fulfilling.


A little progress every day adds up to Big Results.

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