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We pioneer the concept of Financial Planning in India

Everyday, I wake up to educate people on financial literacy. I teach people and companies how to plan and take better financial decisions. I can’t do it alone. Hence, I founded Planify on 9th April,2018

We at Planify is a growing family of Planifiers where we all believe that we can bring a change in the world by creating financial literacy. We believe that simple concepts of savings and covering risks should be taught in schools and is a fundamental right of everyone.

Rajesh Singla

Founder, CEO

We kick-started operations in India on 9th April 2010 as a blog on wordpress as stockssavvy. The objective of the blog was to make people learn about stocks, money management and financial planning

Soon, people around me wanted their financial planning to be done through me. I got myself the license for mutual funds and insurance in 2011 and upgraded myself from a blog to a website as www.stockssavvy.com

I still persisted it as a hobby and one day in Feb 2017, while giving a session on financial planning, one of my friends recorded the video and uploaded to Youtube. It went viral with more than 10k views in a week. I started getting calls from all of my friends and acquaintances for their financial planning.

One of my friends offered me to give a session in her company in Nov 2017 - Airbnb where 82 people signed up for financial planning out of about 100 who took the session. When I did my second session in Ernst n Young, they wanted me to cover whole India which has massive ~40,000 employees. I knew I can't do this alone Hence, I founded Planify.

Financial Planning as a service

We go to professionals for all services. We go to the doctor when we are sick, we go to the gym if we want to be fit. But when it comes to money, we prefer going to Dad. This is what needs to change if you want to become better at your finances.

Financial Literacy

  • We just realized one day that finance is not easy to understand for everyone.
  • So, here we started planify.in in order to help people to increase awareness about financial literacy by PLAN MONEY, MANAGE BUDGETS, PLAN FUTURE etc.
  • Adding the icing to the cake we provide you with deal fixed for financial literacysome extremely superior uniqueness.
  • We charge no money on Financial Planning, One destination for all Investment & Insurance needs and an authentic and reliable information consequently.
  •  Read us at Stockssavvy which gives you better cognizance about us.
  • Hence, we would be delightful if you do connect with us.
  • Call us today and get free advice with full satisfaction.


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