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Jan 3, 2023

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Is Swiggy looking to launch its IPO?

When can we expect Swiggy to launch its IPO?...

Food delivery platforms have taken India by surprise. The efficiency with which they deliver hot meals on time and the credibility they maintain every time some issue with delivery props up have enabled them to build a place in people’s hearts. Revenue from food deliveries touched around 12.14 Bn$ in 2022 and is expected to reach over 20 Bn$ in 2027 i.e in the next 5 years.

When we talk about food delivery platforms, 1 Major player that comes to the mind of most individuals, as if it has left its imprint on other people’s mind with their efficient service is Swiggy.

About Swiggy:

Swiggy is a food delivery start-up that delivers food from restaurants to customer’s homes, workspace or colleges. The start-up was founded in 2014 and is based in Bengaluru, India. All Local and even international food chains are listed on the Swiggy app that has helped increase local store’s reach as well as popularity.

Swiggy Business Model:

Swiggy has off late diversified its business into 5 different segments:

  1. Swiggy Food: It provides Marketplaces services for the food ordering and delivery segment which provides a single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants and delivers the same to customers.

  1. Instamart: A quick delivery service that promises groceries to be delivered at the doorstep of customers within 45 minutes.

  1. Dineout: It is India’s leading dine out and restaurant tech solutions platform that serves millions of diners across its network of 5 Lakh restaurants across 20 cities.

  1. Genie: It's a logistics service that allows one to deliver or receive anything such as lunchboxes, documents, laundry, items for repairs etc. from one location to another.

  1. Swiggy Bandworks: With Swiggy Band works, restaurant partners can create different intriguing ideas out of a single kitchen, giving customers new refreshing experiences and menus with each virtual kitchen. Swiggy helps with menu creation including portioning and pricing, go to market strategy, marketing and financial aspects.

To bolster its business further, Swiggy has recently acquired 5 companies in its history with Dine-out being the latest purchase for 200 Mn$. Dine-out, Kint, Supr Daily, Scootsy and 48 East are 5 companies that Swiggy has acquired over the years. 

Swiggy Upcoming IPO:

Swiggy hasn’t listed on the stock exchange. Many analysts expect Swiggy to list itself on the stock exchange in 2023. Swiggy is expected to raise 1 Bn$ from its Upcoming IPO.

Swiggy is funded by 40 investors and among them 14 are lead investors. Some of the firms that have invested big amounts in Swiggy include Wellington Management, Tencent Holding, Samsung Ventures, Accel Norwest Venture Partners & SAIF partners. Swiggy is very well funded and the company has received 3.6 Bn$ in funding so far. Swiggy is valued at 10.7 Bn$ with the latest Softbank round raising 700 Mn$ for the company. This doubled its valuation to 5.5 Bn$ last year.

Swiggy Unlisted Shares:

Swiggy Unlisted Shares are available at Planify. Investors can gain the first mover advantage by investing in Pre-IPO shares and earn exponential returns in future.

Swiggy Share Price NSE:

Swiggy Share Price is being made available at Rs. 150 per share on Planify. Since Swiggy isn’t listed on the stock exchange, although it plans to launch its Upcoming IPO in the near future, hence Swiggy shares aren’t available at NSE. When the food delivery start-up decides to list on the stock market and files its DRHP, you can find all the relevant details on Planify. A ‘DRHP or Draft Red Herring Prospectus’ is a document filed by the company that is looking to go public in the near future. The document includes all the information about the company’s business operations, usage of funds, future prospects and it has to be filed before the public in order to maintain transparency.

Swiggy Competitors:

Zomato is undoubtedly the biggest competitor of Swiggy in the industry and Zomato is already listed on BSE/NSE. Zomato was incorporated 4 years before the launch of Swiggy. Zomato went public in July 2021 with a price of Rs. 72-76 and opened at a premium of Rs. 126 per share. The company’s share price has seen a downward trend ever since it got listed. Zomato & Swiggy hold over 90% market share of the food delivery industry and according to NRAI (National Restaurant Authority of India), while Zomato holds a dominant position in Northern India, Swiggy is the dominant rival in Southern India.


While Swiggy might not have been listed on the stock market yet, they certainly have high chances of listing themselves in 2023 for which they have also hired ICICI Securities and J.P. Morgan as Lead Managers.


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