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Jun 8, 2024

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Waaree Energies Upcoming IPO: Illuminating the Future of Solar Stocks

Waaree Energies Limited is the most important solar energy solution provider company in India with vertical integration. As of June 30, 2023, Waaree Energies is the leading organisation in the Waaree Group, boasting India's maximum ability for manufacturing Solar PV Modules at 12 GW.  The company's manufacturing plants are located in Surat, Tumb, Nandigram, and Chikhli in the state of Gujarat, India. Their range of solar power products consists of three forms of PV modules: multi-crystalline modules, monocrystalline modules, and TopCon modules. 

Waaree Energies is concentrating now not just on boosting its manufacturing potential but additionally extending its marketplace outreach through strategic projects. Providing Statkraft India with a 445 MW delivery of solar modules demonstrates its potential to aid tremendous renewable power projects. This undertaking will greatly improve Waaree Energies Pre IPO position inside the Indian sun marketplace, solidifying its fame as a pinnacle provider of sun electricity solutions.

While China keeps to dominate the worldwide solar module marketplace, India is swiftly scaling up its capabilities. The decreased Chinese expenses pose a threat to competition, but India has advantages from decreased imports and ability to import restrictions on Chinese modules inside the US. Indian manufacturers are getting an increasing number of price-competitive, aided through government policies and US tax credits. Despite the functionality, overall performance is the correct indication for the future. Short-term traders want to be careful, however, there are encouraging lengthy-term potentialities with Waaree Energies' IPO predicted in FY24.

Order Backlog and Client Base

Waaree Energies has an order book backlog for solar PV modules. As of November 30, 2023, their great order ebook reached 20.16 GW, covering domestic orders, export orders, and franchisee orders. The corporation has installed sturdy relationships with key clients within the domestic utility and agency segment, which includes ReNew Power, ACME, Hero Solar, Mahindra Susten, Essel Infra, AMP Energy, and others. Their retail community consists of 284 franchisees throughout India, and they serve client globally in international locations like the United States, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Vietnam.

The US Solar Panel Factory

Waaree Energies is now venturing into the US markets and its preliminary foray inside the USA is to set up its manufacturing facility in Brookshire, Texas. The manufacturing facility is proposed to be installed at Brookshire, which is a few fifteen miles East of Houston. By the end of 2024, it's far going to be possible to supply from 3GW of sun panels per year in the production facility. The organisation’s goal of a $1bn investment plan has been placed through 2022 whilst annual solar panel manufacturing potential will increase to 5GW in 2027. This arrangement would position it amongst the biggest solar panel production centers inside the United States.

Growth Trajectory and performance

Waaree Energies' boom trajectory is compelling:

Capacity Expansion: Waaree has grown from generating 2 GW in 2022 to 12 GW by October 2023, making it the biggest module producer in India. Moreover, there's ongoing creation of a 5.4 GW sun cellular plant in Chikhli, to be operational by the end of FY24.

Order Book: It currently has a ₹ 45,000 crore order ebook (~17500 MW) 

Financial Projection: Earnings in step with proportion (EPS) predicted to boom by using extra than 40% yearly over the subsequent  years. Having a P/E ratio of 60x at present, Waaree appears to be priced lower than expected given its capability for boom. The upcoming IPO gives investors a worthwhile opportunity to exit their investment.

Current P/E Ratio: 60x, considered undervalued given the boom projections

Estimated Forward P/E Ratio: 15x is a potential multibagger.

Equity Funding: During its trendy round of fairness financing, Waaree Energies nearly secured INR 1000 crore.  This  improvement has been essential for  the company’s expansion plans.

Global Orders: Waaree Energies Pre IPO in unlisted marketplace has obtained orders totaling $2.37 billion from markets in India and overseas. These orders are for bifacial solar panels which are instead efficient, with capacities starting from 540Wp to 600Wp.

Waaree Energies IPO Details

On May 28, 2024 Waaree Energies Ltd IPO became anticipated to offer smooth problems of stocks Rs 3,000 crore and a suggestion for sale (OFS) of 32 lakh contemporary equity stocks at face value of Rs 10 every. The enterprise’s promoter, Waaree Sustainable Finance Pvt, is meant to offer 27 lakh shares through offer on the market (OFS).

Waaree Energies Unlisted Share Price Details

Waaree Energies Share Price: ₹2,250  

Minimum Investment: ₹2,15,000

All-Time High: ₹2,285

All-Time Low: ₹790

The face value of Waaree Energies share is ₹10, and the Waaree energies share price is ₹2,255. However, the price band of the Waaree Energies IPO has yet to be released.


The upcoming Waaree Energies IPO shows a noteworthy strategic step in the improvement of the business enterprise; this is to bolster the manufacturing capacities, as well as its market function, based totally mostly on more IPO funding. It will be useful for Waaree due to the fact it might enchantment to a number of investor interest and given that there may be globally recognition on renewable power; the upcoming IPO would be promising for the company. 

As the IPO unfolds, it's far poised to noticeably impact the Waaree Energies Ltd Share Price. As Waaree keeps its trajectory of innovation and product expansion, the share fee is anticipated to mirror its dominance within the market and capacity for growth, taking the eye of investors and shaping market valuation.

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