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Jan 12, 2023

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Will we see Sigachi Laboratories Ltd. launch its IPO in 2023?

When can we expect Sigachi to launch its IPO?


Sigachi Laboratories Limited operates as a Pharmaceutical company.  Sigachi was incorporated in 1994 and has quickly established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Intermediary drugs. The company carries out investments in shares and securities. In fact, in the year 2021, the company generates most of its revenue from investments. Apart from manufacturing drugs, the company is known to mostly invest in Equity and Mutual Funds with its primary emphasis being on the Pharmaceuticals, Banking, and Energy sectors. The company has leased out its 2 factories from 1st November 2017 and hence the company is dependent on lease rentals from 1 party.

Sigachi has its presence across 4 industries as listed below:

  1. Pharmaceuticals

  2. Food and Nutraceutical

  3. Cosmetic

  4. Chemical

Sigachi Laboratories IPO Price:

Currently, Sigachi has no plans to raise funds through an IPO. Since it's not listed on an IPO, it doesn’t have any listed price although Unlisted shares of Sigachi Laboratories Limited are available on Planify.


Sigachi Laboratories Share Price:

Sigachi Shares are available on Planify. Sigachi Laboratories Share Price is listed on Planify Marketplace at Rs. 50 per share. Investors can gain the first mover advantage by investing in Sigachi Unlisted shares and earning exponential returns in the future.

Sigachi Laboratories Financial Performance:

Sigachi Laboratories witnessed revenue growth of 123.49% in FY22, where it saw its total revenue increase from Rs. 1.73 Cr. in FY21 to Rs. 3.86 Cr. in FY22. Sigachi Limited’s net profit has also seen a significant hike of 289.79% in FY22, seeing their net profit increase from Rs. 71 Lakhs in FY21 to Rs. 2.75 Cr. in FY22. Sigachi’s Asset growth has also been quite significant. Sigachi’s assets have seen a growth of 33% in the last financial year. It stood at Rs. 20.45 Cr. in FY21 whereas it stood at Rs. 27.38 Cr. in FY22. Sigachi has also seen exponential growth of 288.57% in their Earning Per Share from Rs. 1.05 per share in FY21 to Rs. 4.08 per share in FY22. All these stats are evidence of the fact that people’s faith in the company’s long-term potential has only grown. 

The current ratio of the company has also seen a considerable improvement from where it stood in FY20, primarily due to increases in loans, advances, and current assets of Rs. 17 Lakhs, whilst the total current liability decreased by Rs. 1 Lakh, leading to a higher multiple. Sigachi has no interest or finance-related cost for FY22.

Peer Comparison:

Sigachi Laboratories Limited leads the segment in terms of Market Capitalisation with a market cap. of Rs. 33.76 in 2021 in comparison to its closest competitor Ishita Drugs and Industries which stood at Rs.15 Cr. Sigachi also leads the way when it comes to Return on equity (RoE), even though only marginally. Sigachi stood at 11.81 in comparison to Ishita Drugs and Industries which stood at 11.25. Although Sigachi Laboratories gets left behind Ishita Drugs and Industries in terms of P/B & P/E ratio. While Sigachi Industries stood at 1.45 in P/B, Ishita Drugs and Industries stood at 1.69. Sigachi Industries stood at 12.25 in P/E, and Ishita Drugs & Industries firmly stood at 18.06 in P/E securing the numero uno position in this segment.