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Channel Partner Program

Who Can Become a Channel Partner



Channel Partner Program

We,at Planify,are committed to Empowering

New innovative product for investors looking to invest in quality stocks before listing.

Create your own team and expand to make it a big business.

Even if investors come to Planify directly afterward, you still get all your incenstives...

Best referral income across the industry.

Ongoing training for Sales, Marketing and Products.

Single, easy-to-use platform with online & offline transaction facility.

All in One dashboard

Frequently Asked

Who can be a channel partner with Planify?

One who has the knack for investments, stocks, and Private Equity can become a channel partner with Planify.

Stock Brokers, Insurance Agents, Mutual Fund Agents, Portfolio Managers, Research Analyst, Employees working in Financial Institutions can become a channel partners with Planify.

Channel program comes in two ways
- Agency Model
- Franchisee Model

The agency Model is best suited for independent individuals working in the finance field.
Franchisee Model is best suited for partners who have a working office and team.

One needs to have a license from SEBI, AMFI, or IRDA to be eligible for becoming a channel partner.

Planify will be registering the partner under KYP - Know your partner program and will be required to submit the following documents
- Aadhar Card
- Pan Card
- Bank Cancel Cheque
- Photograph
- License copy from SEBI, AMFI or IRDA

Yes. Absolutely. We provide a lot of training materials and handholding through dedicated relationship managers who would help you become equipped with Private Equity and how it works.

Commission structure comes in 4 parts -
Daily Incentive - Depends on number of deals over ₹25,000.
1 Deal = ₹100
2 Deals = ₹200
3 Deals = 500
4 Deals = ₹1,000
5 Deals = 1,500
and so on.
Max capping for a daily incentive from an Investor is ₹1,000.

Weekly Incentive -  Booster on achieving weekly incentive of ₹10,00,000
Monthly Incentive - Fixed Percentage on Turnover. It increases on achieving every 25 Lac.
Yearly Incentive -  Gifts from Electronic Appliances, Gadgets to Foreign Tours come on clearance of certain slabs.

There is the added incentive of 1% on complete Turnover if the channel partner adds a team to his/her network with the professionals who can further extend

The Channel partner program is absolutely free.

Absolutely. The incentive structure is the same for Agency and Franchisee Model. However,
Any additional leads/investors coming from the designated Pin code area of the Franchisee would be mapped under the Franchisee.

Any additional partners coming from the designated Pin code area of Franchisee would be mapped under the Franchisee under his team.

Any additional leads for investors and the Agency model would be passed onto the Franchisee for face-to-face meetings.

The franchisee would be featured as the Branch office of Planify on the website so that investors looking to invest can directly connect with Franchisee. The same is for the Agency model for Franchisee.

The franchisee would be introduced in Video/shots of Planify.

The Channel partner program is absolutely free.

Franchisee fee comes with first-year fees of ₹50,000. Second-year onwards, a Royalty fee of ₹25,000 would be taken from the Franchisee.

The potential partner needs to check with the compliance team of his employer in case they have any problem/concern of employee with an additional commission-based partnership with Planify.

The process of Investment is similar to buying listed company shares. When an investor buys the listed shares, he gets delivery of the shares in the demat account in (T + 2) days. But in the case of Pre IPO, Investors get the delivery of the stock on (T+0) i.e. on the same day on confirmation.

Delivery is done within 24 hours of confirmation of the investment stock and Qty to the demat.

Selling PreIPO is easy. In case the investor needs liquidity
1. Investors can sell the shares through Planify before listing the stock. Here we have 2 models -
An investor can sell the share at desired ask price by transfering the shares to Planify Escrow demat. No charges are taken from the seller in that case. The seller gets the money as soon his order of ask price gets cleared.
Second - The investor can liquidate the shares instantly. Here, the price would be 5% - 10% lower than the market price.

2. At the time of IPO, the Merchant Banker would share the offer for sale document with the seller in case the seller wants to tender his stocks at the time of IPO.

3. Post listing, the seller can't sell the shares on stock exchanges (BSE/NSE) for 6 months. It is done by exchanges across the world to protect minority stakeholders from any manipulation of prices by operators. Post 6 months, he can sell the shares on exchanges at will.