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Who can become a Channel Partner

Stock Brokers
Insurance Agents
Mutual Fund Agents
Portfolio Managers
Research Analysts
Financial Institutions Employee
AIF Distributors

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Benefits of channel partner

Diverse Investment Opportunities

Planify empowers partners to offer their investors a diverse range of investment opportunities, including quality startups, SME, PreIPOs and Unicorns.


Exceptional Returns for your Investors

Planify boasts with an investment of 3.1 crores is worth Rs. 17 Cr. giving an absolute return of 450% and whopping a CAGR of 117.6%. Partnering with Planify ensures that your investors have the opportunity to achieve exceptional returns on their investments.

Best & Ontime Payouts

Get the opportunity to refer clients to signup to Planify's services and earn ongoing revenues from the investment activities. You keep earning recurring referral income from your clients, Partners will receive weekly, monthly, and yearly incentives based on your performance and targets.


Make your own team

Channel Partners can avail themselves of the chance of building their own team and expanding it further to enable them to enter the big business league.

Your customer is always yours

Planify allows Channel Partners to retain their customers even if they come directly afterward, thus allowing them to avail of all their benefits.


Handholding and Training

Planify provides you with comprehensive training on how to pitch Startups, PreIPO to your clients and how to use our platform effectively.

Easily track your referrals

Get access to Planify’s dashboard and CRM where you can track your referrals, commissions, and payouts. Partners can track investor’s portfolio, their investments through their dashboard.


One-stop solution

Planify brings ease of investment to Channel Partners. Planify acts like a single, easy-to-use platform which can be done using a website, mobile site, Android or iOS app.

Channel Partner Models

Process of Onboarding

Effortless Onboarding in Simple Steps.
Sign UpSign Up_arrow

Sign Up

There is no fee for signing up as a channel partner.


Simplified KYC: Your First Step to Partnership
Handholding & TrainingHandholding & Training_arrow

Handholding & Training

Ongoing Training for Sales, Marketing and Products.
Pitch to investorsPitch to investors_arrow

Pitch to investors

Learn, Grow, Succeed – Together.
Track & analyze portfolioTrack & analyze portfolio_arrow

Track & analyze portfolio

Partners have access to a dashboard and CRM, through which they can track investors' portfolios.
 Earn Recognition & Rewards

Earn Recognition & Rewards

keep earning recurring referral income from your clients.

All in One Dashboard


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Know More About Channel Partner Program

Needed Documents

There are no fees for becoming a channel partner. To become a channel partner, please share the following scanned documents - 
Pan Card
Aadhar Card
Canceled cheque having a name on it (Bank Statement in case name is missing on checkbook)
AMFI/IRDA/SEBI Certification/License
In case you want to register as a channel partner with a company name, then AOA, MOA, GST will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Channel Partner is a program that is offered by Planify for financial advisors to associate and partner with Planify. Meaning that they sell the products on behalf of the company but they are an independent partner. This enables the advisors to offer financial planner, Private equity, PreIPO, and start-up for the stocks to their investor client base.

Planify will be registering the partner under KYP - Know your partner program and will be required to submit the following documents
- Aadhar Card
- Pan Card
- Bank Cancel Cheque
- Photograph
- License copy from SEBI, AMFI or IRDA

One who has the knack for investments, stocks, and Private Equity can become a channel partner with Planify.
Stock Brokers, Insurance Agents, Mutual Fund Agents, Portfolio Managers, Research Analyst, Employees working in Financial Institutions can become a channel partner with Planify.

Channel program comes in two ways
- Agency Model
- Franchisee Model

The agency Model is best suited for independent individuals working in the finance field.
Franchisee Model is best suited for partners who have a working office and team.

One needs to have a license from SEBI, AMFI, or IRDA to be eligible for becoming a channel partner.

Yes. Absolutely. We provide a lot of training materials and handholding through dedicated relationship managers who would help you become equipped with Private Equity and how it works.

Planify will be registering the partner under KYP - Know your partner program and will be required to submit the following documents
- Aadhar Card
- Pan Card
- Bank Cancel Cheque
- Photograph
- License copy from SEBI, AMFI or IRDA

Commission structure comes in 4 parts -
Daily Incentive - Depends on number of deals over ₹25,000.
1 Deal = ₹100
2 Deals = ₹200
3 Deals = 500
4 Deals = ₹1,000
5 Deals = 1,500
and so on.
Max capping for a daily incentive from an Investor is ₹1,000.

Weekly Incentive - Booster on achieving weekly incentive of ₹10,00,000

Monthly Incentive - Fixed Percentage on Turnover. It increases on achieving every 25 Lac.

Yearly Incentive - Gifts from Electronic Appliances, Gadgets to Foreign Tours come on clearance of certain slabs.

There is the added incentive of 1% on complete Turnover if the channel partner adds a team to his/her network with the professionals who can further extend.

The Channel partner program is absolutely free.

Absolutely. The incentive structure is the same for Agency and Franchisee Model. However,

Any additional leads/investors coming from the designated Pin code area of the Franchisee would be mapped under the Franchisee.

Any additional partners coming from the designated Pin code area of Franchisee would be mapped under the Franchisee under his team.

Any additional leads for investors and the Agency model would be passed onto the Franchisee for face-to-face meetings.

The franchisee would be featured as the Branch office of Planify on the website so that investors looking to invest can directly connect with Franchisee. The same is for the Agency model for Franchisee.

The franchisee would be introduced in Video/shots of Planify.

The Channel partner program is absolutely free.

Franchisee fee comes with first-year fees of ₹50,000. Second-year onwards, a Royalty fee of ₹25,000 would be taken from the Franchisee.