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Anandrathi has crossed ₹1,000 levels.
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    Anandrathi has crossed ₹1,000 levels.

    14 July 2023

    How many remember this?

    Anandrathi has surpassed its 52 week highs??

    Anandrathi has crossed  ₹1,000 levels. Now trading at over  ₹1,035 levels. 

    The share has been bought from an effective rate of  ₹267/share and was a strong recommendation from Planify thereafter. 

    Investors are now making a whopping 400% returns in this counter in a time frame of 2.5 years giving returns of 160% per year on an average

    Planify still maintains the hold rating on Anandrathi as Q1 profits has risen over 34% and shows great potential for further new highs.