• Bira 91 preserved its fizz despite the pandemic. The pint-sized brewer wants to sparkle now. Can it?

    15 May

Breweries, like other companies, are getting back on their feet after being devastated by the pandemic's early days. As the industry gears up for a busy season, the fourth-largest operator is hoping to ride the rebound wave with the introduction of new varieties.

While Bira91 is the market's youngest participant by decades, its inventor says that the millennials' "favourite monkey" has a 5% market share by value as of March 2022. He claims that it has a 15% market share in the premium class.

According to a recent LinkedIn post by Jain, B9 Beverages finished March FY22 with a revenue increase of 1.8x over the previous year and 1.5x over the pre-C0vid-19 year, which is FY20. This equates to about INR740.7 crore in revenue for FY22 and INR411 crore for FY21. In the same tweet, he stated that the brewing company's month-on-month sales increase in FY22 was double that of FY21.