• Capital Small Finance Bank Alters Fixed Deposit Rates, Regular Citizens Can Now Get Up To 6.30%

    6 January

Capital Small Finance Bank(CSFB) has revised its interest rates on domestic term deposits of less than Rs.2 Cr. According to the official website of the bank, the new rates are effective from January 05, 2022 and following the revision, non-senior citizens will get an interest rate of 3.35% to 6.30% and senior citizens will get an interest rate of 3.85% to 6.80% on their domestic term deposit of less than Rs. 2 Cr maturing in 15 days to 900 days. The interest rates on NRO and NRE term deposits have also been adjusted by the bank.

CSFB also allows a 'Special Category' of fixed deposits under which regular customers can enjoy unique interest rates of 6.10%, 6.20%, and 6.30% on their deposits maturing in 400 Days, 600 Days and 900 Days.