• Capital Small Finance Bank Financial Year 2021 results

    26 July

Capital Small Finance Bank Limited started operations as India's 1st Small Finance Bank on April 24, 2016 after conversion from Capital Local Area Bank. Prior to conversion to a Small Finance Bank, Capital Local Area Bank was operating as India's largest local area bank since January 14, 2000. The Bank introduced 7-Day branch banking with extended banking hours since its first day of operations. The focus to serve common man and the local touch advantage has given the Bank a competitive edge over other banks operating in the region. Within a short period, most of the branches become market leaders of their respective centres. The Bank is providing safe, efficient and service oriented repository of savings to the local community while reducing their dependence on moneylenders by making need based credit easily available. Capital Small Finance Bank Financial Year 2021 results: Total income of the company has been increased by 11.2% from INR 501.1 Cr. in 2020 to INR 557.3 Cr. in 2021. Also, company's PBT has been increased at the rate of 55.4% from INR 34.6 Cr. in 2020 to INR 53.7 Cr. in 2021. PAT has shown growth of 60.7% by rising from INR 25.4 Cr. in 2020 to INR 40.8 Cr. in 2021. EPS has also been increased from INR 7.5 in 2020 to INR 12 in 2021, showcased a growth of 10%.