• Delisted stocks: High-stakes game with insane pay-offs

    16 May

On May 9, despite spirited resistance from minority shareholders, the proposal for voluntary delisting of Elcid Investments went through. Elcid Investments is an investing and trading company, majorly owned by the founders of Asian Paints.

Delisting can be a scary word for minority shareholders. Often, the shareholders exit the stock, taking whatever offer price is being offered. Even if they think the company isn’t offering a fair value – at Elcid, minority shareholders believe that the stock is worth nearly 6x the floor price.

Rajan Shah, of 3A Capital Services, is considered to be one of the biggest names in the delisted shares space, he ultimately sold 9 percent (approx) of his 11 percent (approx) shareholding, tired of the long and hard fight – going to court, approaching the exchange and even the regulator. After the delisting, Shah may retain a small holding in Elcid. “It is a good company,” he said, and if the going gets tough, he is familiar with the battlefield.