• Elcid Investements Limited Financial Year 2021 results

    30 September

Elcid Investments Limited is a Non-Banking Finance Company registered with Reserve Bank of India. The shares of the company are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai.Elcid Investments Limited was incorporated on 3.12.1981 under the provisions of Companies Act 1956 in Mumbai. The company has two subsidiaries i.e. Murahar Investments & Trading Company Limited & Suptaswar Investments & Trading Company limited. The company is primarily an investment Company and its business income is the income arriving out of investments held by the company. The company is functioning under single segment of investment activities. Elcid Investements Limited Financial Year 2021 results: The total income of the company has increased from INR77.52 Cr in 2020 to INR107.74 in 2021 showing a growth of 38.98%. PBT increased from INR71.51Cr in 2020 to INR106.53 Cr in 2021 witnessing a growth of 48.96%. The PAT showed a growth of 10.75% moving from INr73.18Cr in 2020 to INR81.05 Cr. in 2021. EPS also increased from INR3659.01 in 2020 to INR4052.46 in 2021 showing a growth of 10.75%