• Five Star Business Finance Limited FY20 Results

    15 July

Five Star provides Small Business Loans and Small Mortgage loans to eligible borrowers to meet their business and personal needs, after due underwriting of their cashflows and backed by the collateral of their house property. Five Star has been working as a specialized financial services company in addressing the needs of this segment, funding the people who were perceived to be unfundable. The businesses that they work with can be touched and felt in our everyday lives and are businesses that create a real impact on the ground. Their customers include all the way from small shop owners, flower vendors, maids, masons to small and medium enterprises that form the backbone of India’s economy. Five Star Business Finance Limited FY20 Results Total income of the company has been increased by 92.5% from INR 408.9 Cr. in 2019 to INR 787.3 Cr. in 2020. Also, company's PAT has been increased at the rate of 67.2% from INR 156.6 Cr. in 2019 to INR 262 Cr. in 2020. EPS has also been decreased from INR 68.9 in 2019 to INR 103.2 in 2020.