• HDFC Securities Limited Financial Results 2021

    7 July

HDFC Securities Limited is a financial services intermediary and a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, a private sector bank in India. HDFC securities was founded in the year 2000 and is headquartered in Mumbai with branches across major cities and towns in India. HDFC Securities is the stockbroking arm of India’s largest private-sector lender, HDFC Bank,and began operations in April 2000. It began as a joint venture between HDFC Bank Limited, HDFC Limited, and Indocean eSecurities Holdings Limited. Along with its stockbroking services, HDFC securities is a distributor of financial products. In 2006, HDFC Bank bought HDFC Ltd's stake and in 2008 acquired another 4% from Indocean eSecurities. It is a corporate member of both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock exchange (NSE). In 2019, it entered into a partnership with Stockal, a US-based financial platform and launched GlobalInvesting.in, which allows its customers to directly invest in Nasdaq listed US stocks. HDFC Securities Limited Financial Results 2020-21 The total income of the company has been increased from INR 862.3 Cr. in 2020 to INR 1399.4 Cr. in 2021, showcased a growth rate of 62.3%. Also, the company's PAT has been increased at a growth rate of 83.1% from INR 384.2 Cr. in 2020 to INR 703.2 Cr. in 2021. Cash from operations has been decreased at a rate of 7.5%, from INR 143.2 Cr. in 2020 to INR -937.1 Cr. in 2021. Earnings per share have been increased at a growth rate of 81.7% from INR 245.9 in 2020 to INR 446.7 in 2021.