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  • Hira Ferro Alloys Financial Year 2021 Results

    30 September

Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. (HFAL) company is a venture by one of the primesteel manufacturing group, The Hira Group of industries. HFAL has created its identity as a manufacturer of Ferro Alloys, Power, Briquette and Fly Ash Bricks. It is an active contributor in the production of manganese based ferro alloys in modern steel making and refining. Hira Ferro Alloys Financial Year 2021 Results: Total Income increased from INR303.44 Cr in 2020 to INR 316.97 Cr in 2021 showing a growth of 4.46%. PBT increased from INR4.28 Cr in 2020 to INR 21.89 Cr in 2021 showing a massive growth of 412.08%. PAT also increased from INR 3.83 Cr in 2020 to INR21.14 Cr in 2021. EPS witnessed a growth of 453.33% increasing from INR 1.95 in 2021to INR 10.79.