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Kartik Aaryan has been appointed as Lava's brand ambassador.
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    Kartik Aaryan has been appointed as Lava's brand ambassador.

    21 July 2023

    As part of the launch of the Lava Blaze Pro, Indian phone manufacturer Lava International Limited said today that it has appointed actor Kartik Aaryan as its brand ambassador to support its Smartphones category.


    "I am thrilled to associate with Lava, a home-grown brand that has established itself as a top Indian end-to-end smartphone firm," Kartik Aaryan remarked when asked about the new brand affiliation. Observing how Lava is introducing innovations that appeal to the nation's youth fills one with pure pleasure. My affiliation is founded on the resonance of our common spirit of being #ProudlyIndian and differentiating ourselves from the competition with an intriguing idea.

    Soon, Lava will launch a 360-degree marketing campaign that will highlight Kartik Aaryan and its selection of smartphones. Lava products are created with a significant focus on quality and fostering innovation following a number of thorough studies. Lava is always seeking for new methods to give its clients access to cutting-edge features on their phones that will dramatically improve their experience. With the addition of Kartik Aaryan as the brand ambassador, Lava hopes to grow its customer base by luring additional customers, particularly millennials and Gen-Z, who make up the majority of its customer base.