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  • Kusum Industrial Gases Limited Financial Year 2021 Results

    30 September

Kusum Industrial Gases(KIG) Ltd which was granted the certificate of Registration on 11/01/1983. The main objective of India KIG is to provide credit to middle income households to acquire new housing or to extend and improve their current housing. The Company provides home loans up to a maximum of 20 lakhs to low and middle income urban borrowers for a period of up to 20 years. These loans can be used by borrowers for purchase of apartments, construction of homes, home improvements and home extensions. Kusum Industrial Gases Limited Financial Year 2021 Results: Total Income increased from INR0.35 Cr in 2020 to INR 8.97 Cr in 2021 showing a growth of 2432.94%. PBT increased from INR0.24 Cr in 2020 to INR 8.92 Cr in 2021 showing a massive growth of 3643.88%. PAT also increased from INR 0.23 Cr in 2020 to INR6.60 Cr in 2021. EPS witnessed a growth of 453.33% increasing from INR 1.95 in 2021to INR 10.79.