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Madbow Venture Limited Growth
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    Madbow Venture Limited Growth

    21 July 2023

    (Stock introduced in Dec 2021 at platform)

    👉Madbow Ventures is an E-commerce platform just like Myntra. Madbow Ventures specifically deals in women western clothing, footwear and lingeries. They have a strong hold over the women's clothing segment.

    👉Naveen Mehlawat, CEO of Madbow ventures. He has worked with Microsoft and has sound knowledge of Technology and Marketing.

    👉Madbow ventures have associated with 6 companies like Street style stalk, Slay deal, Kali, Flatoes etc.) with the availability of Android, iOS apps for the ease of customer.

    👉Company is profitable since the very first year.If I compare it with Nykaa which has a strong hold in the market. Nykaa also became profitable just before its IPO launch.

    👉Madbow ventures has been showing 100% growth year on year. Company is planning to launch its IPO in the coming 3 years.

    👉They were expecting 20 Cr of revenue in the previous financial year but have successfully achieved 22.3cr. This year company is aiming 50 Cr of revenue

    👉The company is available at 3x valuation as on date with 90 cr valuation whereas if I talk about other similar players Like Nykaa and GoColors. Nykaa is available at 50x multiple with 2000 cr revenue and 1 lakh crore market capitalization and GoColors is available at 30x multiple with 250cr revenue and 6500 cr valuation and is still a loss making organization.

    👉Company has now entered into omni channel as well and has launched its first store in Cyber City, Gurgaon. Second store in South city 2, Gurgaon and is about to open 3 more stores in Kamla Nagar(New Delhi), Satya Niketan (New Delhi) and Noida. They have targeted to open a total of 10 stores in the next 6 months plus they are getting requests for 500 franchisees for collaboration.

    👉If we talk about the success of its physical stores then Madbow is successfully obtaining 30k sales per day with 40% net margin i.e. close to 4 lakhs per month profit.

    👉The company is expecting its revenue to go up to 100 cr and total valuation to 900 cr in next 3 yrs which in turn will become the 9x of today’s value. I.e., if any person invests 10 lakhs in it today then the amount is expected to grow upto 30 lacs within next 3 yrs on conservative basis.

    👉This stock got live at our platform in Dec 2021 @ ₹40/share and today it is trading at ₹53/share. We strongly recommend this stock as must buy and can be added upto 10% of the total portfolio.