• Market cap to GDP india

    20 June

Buffet Indicator - Market Cap to GDP ratio shows markets have now entered into fairly valued zone (15,300 levels) from Modestly overvalued zone. Remember when we were trading at 18500 levels at Nifty, we were in Significantly overvalued zone. 

2 Years back, markets did come in fairly valued zone in Covid. There was lot of doom and despondency in those days and everyone felt the markets will further go down but it didn’t. People who invested in those fearful time made 3x - 5x returns over next 18 months. 

Even today, there is lot of fear in the market over war, inflation, rising interest rates, FII selling, crude oil which has been absorbed by the markets.  

Similarly, we feel that investors should look to add value prepositions in their portfolio without trying to catch stocks at bottom. These savvy investors should make excellent returns in next 12 - 24 months. 

Our motto is to make investors life easy in terms of investments in Startups and PreIPO’s. In case you have any questions on where you should invest, please feel free to ping us and our expert team would help you in picking the right stocks and re-balancing your portfolio.