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A message from Bira management to shareholders
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    A message from Bira management to shareholders

    21 July 2023



    Here is wishing you and your families a very happy Diwali! I hope all of you got some time off with your families and to enjoy the festivities.


    It has been an electrifying quarter for our business! We delivered another record-breaking quarter and crossed a massive, new milestone. We clocked over INR 225 crores in quarterly revenue. As a result, adjusted for seasonality, we are now run rating at well above INR 1000 Crores in annualized revenue. More than seven pints of Bira 91 are enjoyed every second of every day and night! This year consumers will spend more than 2000 Crores on Bira 91. That makes us one of the largest consumer brands to emerge out of India in the last decade.


    Our brewers continue to make the best beers in the country, and indeed the world. A key testament has been our wins at the prestigious “World Beer Awards”. Light, Gold and White each won taste awards, and Gold and Light, both won design awards too.


    The industry is showing signs of rapid recovery. Last quarter was the best one for the beer industry in over 6 quarters. The industry recovered from its lows in Q2 and was closest to pre-Covid levels than ever before.