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Planify gets 'Shark Tank' startups onboard; facilitates them getting funds
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    Planify gets 'Shark Tank' startups onboard; facilitates them getting funds

    21 July 2023

    Planify, one of the country's marketplace for private equity, has started helping startups featured on 'Shark Tank India', with funds ranging from seed to growth funding. Planify facilitates these transactions using its pool of investors. Planify is planning to launch two companies ExperientialEtc and PawsIndia, which were featured on the show for fundraising on its platform in the next two weeks.

    Rajesh Singla, CEO of Planify said, "After raising funds for established firms, on which investors have gained handsome returns, our investors have pushed the idea of raising funds for more companies as such, and as we subsequently did, we received enormous requests from various startups to raise funds in such order. This will not only help achieve the Make in India initiative but also make India the destination for start-ups.“

    The fundraising for each company is divided into 100 lots, upon which investors can book the lots and the companies get the funding they have desired so far.

    There is a huge demand for start-ups to gravitate towards private equity funding, where investors enjoy a good return and become a part of something big, and Planify aims to provide these private equity funds not only to unicorns, pre-IPO, or startups but also to companies which are in Ideation or early revenue stage attracting companies which featured on the show 'Shark Tank India', as a result, the company said.