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Planify an invincible Private Equity marketplace
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    Planify an invincible Private Equity marketplace

    29 June 2022

    Planify Capital Private Limited is a fintech company that is working to create India's largest private equity marketplace. Planify is for investors looking for pre-IPO opportunities, entrepreneurs looking for investment, and startup workers looking to increase their net worth. The company invests in early and growth-stage companies across sectors in India.

    Rajesh Singla, Founder & CEO, of Planify, said, "The financial investment process has evolved a lot with time in India. Earlier there were only commercial banks and some financial institutes but now with venture capital investment institutes, India has grown a lot. Business forms now focus on expansion because they can get financial support with venture capital and other marketplaces designed for fundraising. The scale and quality of business enterprises have increased in India now. With international competition, there have been a number of growth-oriented business firms that have invested in venture capital. All the business firms that deal in information technology, manufacturing products as well as providing contemporary services can opt for these investments."

    "Furthermore, earlier startups only had banks as a source of capital which used to look for the credibility and the scope of these companies in the future market. This made the process more complex, time taking, and difficult for a company that is in its initial stage. With the FinTech solutions in the market, the startups now have more options and ways in which they can work towards growth" he added.

    "There are certain limitations in the old system where time to get the money in the bank ranges between 6-12 months for a startup after signing the term sheet whereas Planify is able to get a lot of processes and due diligence automated and hence able to cut down that time to 1-3 months. Investors may communicate directly with management and learn about their plans for expansion," Singla said.

    "Planify aims to HNIs, Ultra-HNIs, and accredited investors, a better private market investment experience. Previously, investors had to commit to a certain fund or portfolio to invest in private firms, and they couldn't pick and choose which companies to invest in based on their interests and risk tolerance, but planify now allows them to do so. Planify has redefined the traditional model of venture capital by creating the first marketplace for private market investors to build their own portfolios based on their preferred sector, company, and risk appetite.”