• Planify welcomes the toy startup Urban Tots to use its platform, making it easier for them to raise money.

    30 June

Planify has now opened its doors to one more company that has been creating an impact among kids, and the name goes by Deepak Housewares and Toys, which has a brand name of Urban Tots. 

Urban Tots is among the first companies in India that manufactures toys and sells them in modern retail outlets and direct retail outlets all over India along with overseas. The company has also solved one of the biggest challenges in the toy manufacturing industry by producing their own moulds, which were later imported from China, Taiwan, Korea, France, Germany, and the UK. 

As per Rajesh Singla, CEO of Planify, the company has shown promise since the commencement of its operations. There is a huge entry barrier in the industry due to high capital intensity, which also provides higher margin opportunities for the companies in the segment. UrbanTots has realised high revenue during such a short period due to unexplored demand in the toy industry, giving them the advantage of being first movers' advantage, while maintaining superior quality of goods.

Investor has the potential for making 10-15x returns in the next five years in investment in Urban Tots. 200 lots of Urban Tots are available for investment on Planify's platform for a limited period of time. Urban Tots is further planning to launch its IPO on the BSE and NSE in the next five years.