• Ram Bandhu revolutionises distribution by employing cutting-edge sales management approaches.

    15 March

Ram Bandhu has become a household name in India after twenty-six years at ESFL, maintaining innovation and quality at the forefront. ESFL is developing its offline trade distribution with over thirty varieties of spices to respond to the daily requirements of the public, as well as a broad array of everyday food goods such as pickles, papads, ketchup, sauces, pastes, and chutneys. "At ESFL, we always think that quality and innovation are our major foundations of success," stated Anand Rathi, Director. With the expanding need for spices and condiments across India, general trade continues to fuel the business engine. This is an excellent opportunity for ESFL to pursue their development ambitions, which include growing their distribution reach to three lakh outlets in the next three years.  To do so, they needed to make sure that our aim of increasing Ram Bandhu's supply chain reach remained unassailable. Their team worked together with Bizom to develop a sales gamification element for our field sales software, which might help our salespeople have a more enjoyable selling experience. And the process of selling became a lot more fascinating for them. Adding a competitive edge with a splash of fun has greatly improved their field performance as well as our market growth."