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Rights Issue of Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix ltd.
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    Rights Issue of Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix ltd.

    04 March 2023

    Issue of up to 34,83,262 (Thirty-Four Lakhs Eighty-Three Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty-Two) fully-paid Equity Shares of face value of INR 10/- (Indian Rupees Ten only) per share, aggregating to INR 3,48,32,620/- (Indian Rupees Three Crores Forty-Eight Lakhs Thirty-Two Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty Only) on a right issue basis to the existing equity shareholders of the Company in the ratio of 1 equity share for every 1 equity share held by the eligible equity shareholders.

    Record date3rd March 2023
    Issue Opens on4th March 2023
    Issue Closes on19th March 2023
    Lock-In-PeriodThere shall be a lock-in period of 2 (Two) years for the said rights issue
    This offer prohibits the right of renunciation
    Disposal of unsubscribed Equity
    The unsubscribed portion of the above rights issue, if any thereof shall be disposed off as per discretion of the Board of Directors

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