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Rise and Fall of Pharmeasy - API Holdings
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    Rise and Fall of Pharmeasy - API Holdings

    21 July 2023

    Pharmeasy - API Holdings

    How many of you remember our message on 17th November 2021 and then a follow-up on 18th November 2021?



    We were extremely skeptical about Pharmeasy and asked all our investors to stay away from it. At that time, shares traded between ₹110 - ₹140 range. 

    We had a super sell position from the beginning and have rated the stock as 1 out of 5. 

    Even when shares are corrected, we have maintained the rating and always refrained investors to average or buying stocks of Pharmeasy. Last 1.5 years, prices have tumbled from ₹140/share to ₹19/share. 

    We were of the firm opinion that in the present circumstances, the company will not even sustain the rate of ₹10 from the beginning. After the right issue at ₹5/share, we expect the price to go even below ₹5.

    It seems our prediction has been spot on for Pharmeasy. Although sad, there are certain learnings for founders for every startup. We would cover this up in a video covering “Rise and Fall of Pharmeasy”

    On the other hand, I am extremely happy and delighted that our investors have been saved from Pharmeasy from day 1. 

    Request to all investors from CEO Desk - Keep yourself updated with our research reports and content (feed, videos, and articles). The kind of effort we put at Planify on the analysis and research is huge. Investors for us are always the prime core and the focus is that they should make excellent returns. 

    Portfolio management and Asset management comes as the part where our investment banker team access investors' portfolio every month and ask them to take corrective actions on the portfolio in private markets and take the right investments whenever we get a good opportunity to invest.