• Signify Innovations India Limited Financial Year 2021 Results

    30 September

Signify is the new company name of Philips Lighting. They are the world leader in lighting and provide their customers with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services. They turn light sources into points of data to connect more devices, places and people through light, contributing to a safer, more productive and smarter world. Signify continues to innovate in LED lighting and is leading the industry’s expansion to lighting systems in both the professional and consumer markets. Signify Innovations India Limited Financial Year 2021 Results: The total assets of the company showcased a growth of 38.81% moving from INR. 1331.7 Cr. in 2020 to INR.1848.5 Cr. in 2021. PBT increased from INR.276Cr. in 2020 to INR. 342.6 Cr. in 2021 witnessing a growth of 24.13%. PAT showed a massive jump from INR181.7Cr. in 2020 to INR.267.6 Cr in 2021 showing a growth of 47.28%. EPS also had a large increase from INR31.59 in 2020 to INR46.52 in 2021 showcasing a growth of 47.26%.