• Sterlite Power acquires Kishtwar transmission project in J&K

    8 December

On Tuesday, Sterlite Power, a developer and supplier of integrated power transmission solutions, announced that it has purchased the Kishtwar transmission project for a 35-year period. According to the statement, the project would include a 400/132 KV sub-station at Kishtwar and a 400 KV LILO (Line in Line out) transmission line between Kishenpur and Dulhasti. According to the official, "the company will build, own, operate, and maintain a critical transmission project in Jammu and Kashmir for a period of 35 years through the Kishtwar Transmission Limited SPV." The transmission system will be used to evacuate 1,000 MW of power from the Pakal Dul Hydro Electric Project to the Kishtwar sub-station.