• Sterlite Power will serve industrial clients and enter the Indian renewables market.

    9 September

A private sector developer and solutions supplier of power transmission infrastructure, Sterlite Power, has its sights on the renewables market. The company's portfolio includes 30 projects that total 14,602 circuit kilometres of transmission lines across Brazil and India. Gujarat's 400kV Banaskantha, Kansari, and Vadavi Transmission lines were successfully launched this week by the company's Mumbai Urja Marg Transmission Limited (MUML).

The company is actively assessing the intentions to develop a platform for sustainable energy that offers businesses 24/7 solutions for their clean energy needs. The global average temperature increase should be kept to within 2° C over pre-industrial levels in order to address climate change. A crucial part of this trip is played by the industries; a few industrial firms have established Net Zero or decarbonization ambitions, and Sterlite Power, with its legacy of addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery, realises the role it can play in this energy transition.