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T. Stanes gets a Patent for a Novel Microbial Technology
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    T. Stanes gets a Patent for a Novel Microbial Technology

    15 August 2023

    T. Stanes and Company Limited has received a patent grant from the Indian Patent Office (IPO) for their patent application titled "Method and formulation of a novel yeast with plant growth-promoting activities." This patent enables the production of an innovative multifunctional microbial product, marking another significant achievement in T. Stanes' growing intellectual property portfolio.

    T. Stanes & Co. Ltd., a specialized provider of organic inputs for agriculture, has successfully developed a groundbreaking microbial-based product known as 5MlN. This unique product showcases a range of functions, including swift nutrient accessibility, antagonistic properties, induction of disease resistance, and enhanced plant health. 5MlN contains yeast as its active component and is crafted using a patented innovative production and formulation technology. Leveraging advanced fermentation techniques, this superior biological product offers distinct qualities that set it apart.