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Discover and get a complete analysis on Bharat Nidhi Pre IPO - Management, Business Model, Financials, Growth, Valuations, Funding Rounds, News and get latest updates on Bharat Nidhi Financial Statements.



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Market Capitalisation

₹3,538.81 Cr

Enterprise Value

₹3,538.81 Cr




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Cashflow - Operations


Cashflow - Financing


About Bharat Nidhi

  • Bharat Nidhi Limited (BNL) is private limited company head-quarter in Delhi and was incorporated in 1942.
  • Bharat Nidhi Limited is a major shareholder in Bennett, Cole-man & Co. Ltd. (BCCL), publisher of India’s biggest English daily, the Times of India, and owner of Times Internet that runs popu-lar digital platforms such as property site Magicbricks, music streaming app Gaana and restaurant reservation company Dine-out. 
  • The company was registered as NBFC with Reserve Bank of India, but voluntarily made an application to RBI to surrender its Certificate of Registration (CoR) as NBFC as the company is engaged in the business of distribution of publications.
  • BNL’s revenue comes mainly from distributing publications of BCCL in and around New Delhi and it is also an investment holding company 
  • Company has significant investments in Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, Matrix Merchandise Ltd, Bennett Property Holdings Co. Ltd and many other companies.

  • Bharat Nidhi Revenue Segmentation

  • Sale of Newspapers
  • Sale of Margazines
  • Delivery Charges Income
  • Bharat Nidhi Product & Services

  • Distribution of Newspapers and Magazines

a) Times of India

b) Economic Times

c) Delhi Times

d) Nav Bharat Times

  • Bharat Nidhi Industry Overview

Industry Statistics

  • India has a growing and constantly changing newspaper mar-ket, with daily circulation up from INR 6,03,036 Cr. in 2014 ris-ing to INR 684931 Cr. in 2024; it is expected to continue to rise in the coming years especially for regional language publication
  • However, the newspaper industry in India hasn’t always en-joyed increasing readership. India’s newspaper industry has faced restrictions because of state censorship, a lack of invest-ment and the challenge of language were all barriers faced by the industry.
  •  Income from advertising is very crucial for print media industry. Of the total advertisement expenditure 40% is spent on adver-tising through Print media.

Bharat Nidhi Strengths

  • Total income of the company has been increased from INR 70 Cr. in FY 16 to INR 130 Cr. in FY 2020, showcased a growth rate of 16.7%.
  • EBIT, EBITDA and PBT margin of the company has shown a signif-icant growth from 2019 to 2020.

Bharat Nidhi Shortcomings

  • Company needs to look for their cash management as cash flow from operations showed a significant decline from 2019 to 2020.

Bharat Nidhi Opportunities

  • Increasing literacy rates across India has driven the localiza-tion of newspapers, made possible by the changes in printing technology.

Bharat Nidhi Threats

  • Increasing using usage of digital platforms of news providers is a threat to usage of newspaper and less circulation of newspapers in near future.
Bharat Nidhi Rating


    Strong Sell

  • Bharat Nidhi Detail Info

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