1. 1Chennai Super Kings Essentials
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Chennai Super Kings Essentials

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Face Value


Total Share


Total Income

₹349.14 Cr

Profit After Tax

₹32.12 Cr







Market Capitalisation

₹5,608.39 Cr

Enterprise Value

₹5,538.04 Cr

Book Value


Earnings Yield

0.57 %


Consumer Discretionary


Theme Parks and Gaming


Small Cap

Cashflow - Operations

₹36.88 Cr

Cashflow - Financing

-₹5.26 Cr

Chennai Super Kings Growth

Compounded Sales Growth

  • 37.61%

    1 Year

  • -1.32%

    2 Year

  • 230.81%

    4 Year

Pro Only

Compounded Profit Growth

  • -20.21%

    1 Year

  • -20.11%

    2 Year

  • 181.05%

    4 Year

Pro Only

Return On Equity

  • 13.84%


  • 33.41%


  • 159.06%


Pro Only

About Chennai Super Kings

  • Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited is an unlisted public company, which owns and operates the cricket team Chennai Super Kings which is famous for playing in the Indian Premier League, the domestic cricket league played in India.
  • The Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL title four times (in 2010, 2011, 2018, and 2021), and have the highest win percentage of matches among all teams in the IPL (59.83%).
  • Founded in 2008, the team plays its home matches at the M.A Chidambaram in Chennai.
  • Initially company was owned by India Cements, they later demerged and created a separate entity named Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd.
  • The company was incorporated on 19 December, 2014 and heads its operations from it's office in Anna Salai, Chennai.

  • Chennai Super Kings IPO Details

Currently there is no news for Chennai Super Kings upcoming IPO.

  • Chennai Super Kings Merger & Acquisition


  • India Cements, the company that owned Chennai Super Kings, decided to demerge the IPL franchise to a wholly-owned subsidiary(CSKCL) in September, 2014. Converting Chennai Super Kings from a division into a 100% subsidiary did not affect controls the franchise, as India Cements continued to own it. India Cements had bid for the Chennai franchise in 2008 for $91 million. The amount to be paid over a ten year period. The firm had fixed record date as October 9, 2015 for the purpose of distribution of shares of CSKCL to the shareholders of India Cements Ltd. The filing said that one share of CSKCL will be equal to a single share of India Cements. India Cements declared the rationale behind the share distribution is to enable India Cements shareholders "to own and manage affairs of CSKCL".


  • The company acquired the Chennai franchise of BCCI-IPL namely “Chennai Super Kings” from The India Cements Limited on 20th February 2015. The India Cements Limited decided to demerge Chennai franchise and run it as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2014. Recently, India Cements has fixed Oct 9, 2021 as the record date for allotting the shares of the CSK team to the company's shareholders. The firm said the rationale behind the share distribution is to enable India Cements shareholders to own and manage affairs of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited.
  • Chennai Super Kings Subsidiaries

The company does not have any subsidiary, associate / joint venture Companies

  • Chennai Super Kings Revenue Segmentation

  • Income from Grant of Central Rights
  • Sponsorship Income
  • Other Tournament Related Income
  • Other income
  • Chennai Super Kings Product & Services

  • Advertisements
  • Stadium Tickets
  • T-shirts
  • Watches
  • Games Accessories
  • Other Merchandise

  • Chennai Super Kings Assets

The company's assets as at 31 March 2022:
  • Land - INR 129.42 Cr
  • Computer Software and Licenses(Intangible Asset)- INR 6.16 Cr
  • Chennai Super Kings Industry Overview

Industry Statistics

  • Sports industry is an industry in which people, activities, business, and organizations are involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organizing any activity, experience, or business enterprise focused on sports.
  • The Indian sports industry was worth Rs 6,400 Cr in 2016 and jumped to Rs 9,100 Cr in 2019 registering a 42% CAGR over the three years. However, the pandemic dropped the industry's market value by 35% in 2020. As of 2021 the sports industry in India is valued around Rs 8800 Cr  Of the Rs 5,900 Cr total market size, around Rs 5,150 Cr of sponsorships and endorsements come from the cricket industry in India. Other sports like football and the rest account for the remaining Rs 800 Cr.
  • The sports industry is growing due to factors such as the rising consumption of sports content, rising viewership impacting the market including sponsored ads, sponsorship and online sports content and applications somewhere is helping the sports industry to grow. Other factors include rising female viewership, viewership number increasing in rural areas. The rise of online streaming platforms has been an essential factor in carrying the growth of the sports industry during the pandemic time like Disney Hotstar.
  • The sports industry in India includes a large number of sports, but cricket remains the most popular which is easily seen by the massive 87% contribution it made to the Indian sports industry in terms of sponsorships in 2020.

Future Prospects

  • Around 70 to 80 percent of teams' total revenue comes from TV rights and major sponsorship agreements. With the most recent agreement and central sponsorships all together, it is anticipated that the central pool's overall earnings for the ensuing five-year cycle might reach $7.6 billion. Each franchise could earn $76.9 million (about 600 crore) each year if the other half of the share was distributed among them. This is almost 275 crore more than each team's projected revenue for the 2022 season.           



Government Initiatives

  • Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan
  • Fit India Movement
  • Khelo India
  • SAI Training Centers Scheme
  • Sports Talent Search Portal
  • National Sports Awards Scheme
  • Target Olympic podium 

Chennai Super Kings Awards & Achievements

  • The Super Kings have lifted the IPL title four times (in 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021), and have the best win percentage among all teams in the IPL (59.83%). 
  • Most appearances in the IPL playoffs (eleven) and in the final (nine).
  • Won the Champions League Twenty20 in 2010 and 2014.

Chennai Super Kings Strengths

  • The team Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL four times, which places them second in the number of IPL trophies despite not participating in 2016 and 2017. The team has the maximum win percentage of 59.83% among all teams in IPL, which can also be attributable to the great managerial efficiency that their board possesses.
  • Company has a strong promoter base, backed my Indian cements.
  • Company issued an Optionally Convertible Debenture in 2018 which are going to mature this year, with successful repayments of the same the company will become debt free.

Chennai Super Kings Shortcomings

  • In the past, the company’s management has been linked with irregulations, where a few of them have been penalized for the same and as a result of which the team was barred from playing the IPL in 2016 and 2017.
  • Brand value of the company has decreased by 3% to USD 73.6 million.

Chennai Super Kings Opportunities

  • The company organizes Junior Super Kings inter-school T20 tournament every year in Chennai. They should look to broaden thee horizon and organize such tournaments for other sports as well to encourage children as well as provide them a platform to showcase their talent which will also help in recognition of hidden talent in the country.
  • The Company submitted a bid on 13th July 2022 to acquire a franchisee in the T20 domestic league conducted  by Cricket South Africa, pursuant to which, a license was granted for participating in the league in the city of Johannesburg. The 1st edition of the tournament is likely to take place in January and February 2023.
  • Recently CSK bought England's test captain Ben stokes for INR 16.25 crore at the IPL 2023 auction. Ben Stokes can be a potential future captain for CSK after retirement of MS Dhoni.

Chennai Super Kings Threats

  • Mumbai Indians have ranked as the most valuable IPL brand following a 4% brand value increase to USD 83.4 million and is the top revenue generator from team sponsors.
  • CSK captain MS Dhoni is likely to retire after IPL 2023. Under Dhoni's captaincy, CSK has won four IPL seasons. 
  • The cricket industry has started to face competition from other sports like football due to Indian Super League, badminton due to Premier Badminton League as well as kabaddi due to Pro Kabaddi League.
Chennai Super Kings Rating


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  • Chennai Super Kings Detail Info

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