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  • Experiential Growth

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Experiential Revenue Growth

Growth in %

  • 719.22%

    1 Year

The revenue of the company has increased by 719% in FY22 over FY21. This is mainly because the company has worked with more than 120 brands like Xiaomi, Haldirams, Zee Media, and  Amazon Prime. Additionally, the company catered to major clients such as SonyPix & Sony Corporate, Sony Pictures, and Hyundai which has resulted in the growth of the revenue of the company in FY22.

Experiential Net Profit Growth(PAT)

Growth in %

  • 79.74%

    1 Year

Profit after tax for the company has increased by 320% in FY22 over FY21. An increase in the net profit is mostly attributable to an increase in the revenue from operations, with the addition of clients such as Xiaomi, Amazon Prime, and Zee Media. Although, the employment benefit expense and SG&A have increased by 492% and 635% respectively in FY22 over FY21, which increased the net profit of the company from -0.09 Cr in FY21 to 0.16 Cr in FY22.

Experiential EPS Growth

Growth in %

  • 74.93%

    1 Year

The EPS of the company has increased by 274% in FY22 over FY21. This is mainly due to a significant increase in the PAT due to the increase in revenue. Although the equity shares of the company have increased, the company has increased the EPS from ₹-89.6 in FY21 to ₹156.7 in FY22

  • Experiential Book Value Growth

The book value of the company has significantly increased by 5624% in FY22 over FY21. Share Premium has majorly contributed to the growth of the total equity of the company. The number of shares has increased marginally by 3%, which increased the book value of the company significantly in FY22.

Experiential EBITDA Growth

Growth in %

  • 144.24%

    1 Year

In comparison to FY21, overall EBITDA increased by  344% in FY22 over FY21. An increase in the EBITDA is mainly attributable to an increase in revenue and lower expenses per unit of expense in FY22. Overall revenue has increased by a factor of 7x and subsequent expenses have increased by 3x, which represents the company's moving on to a scalable business model. Moving forward, the company is expected to realize higher revenue and, subsequently, higher EBITDA. 

Experiential Operating Profit Growth

Growth in %

  • 101.15%

    1 Year

The EBIT of the company in FY22 has improved by 344% in FY22 over FY21. In FY21, overall EBIT was negative ₹10 lakhs, while in FY22, EBIT amounted to ₹19 lakhs. The reason for the improvement is the significant increase in revenue due to the inclusion of big brands in the client list of the company. In addition to this, expenses have been managed reasonably which has also contributed to the growth of the operating profit of the company in FY22.

Experiential Asset Growth

Growth in %

  • 203.61%

    1 Year

The total assets of the company have increased by 204% in FY22 over FY21. The company has started to increase its asset base to cater to future needs, which mostly involves setting up an office and computers as the company heavily relies on technology. The addition of computers, furniture & fixtures, and office equipment substantially increased the PP&E of the company by 916% in FY22, which has resulted in the growth of the total assets of the company in FY22

Experiential Cash Flow from Operations

The cash flow from operations is negative ₹15 lakhs in FY22. This is mainly because of the increase in inventory by 31%, increase in trade receivables by 363%, and increase in loans & advances by 318% in FY22 over FY21 which has resulted in the cash outflow from the company.

  • Experiential Solvency Ratios

The company is in the starting phase of the business and the solvency at this point is very decent compared to the industry ratio. The debt-to-equity ratio is at 0.2 which is very good compared to the industry average. The current ratio and quick ratio also represent the strong solvency position of the company. 

Experiential D/E Ratio

Experiential Current Ratio

Experiential Quick Ratio

Experiential Interest Coverage Ratio

  • Experiential Operating Efficiency

The company's overall margins have improved significantly in FY22 from FY21. This was a result of the inclusion of clients like Xiaomi, Mastercard, and Sony HP, which led to the higher realization and lower expenses, which increased the profit margins by 280% in FY22 over FY21, leading to improvement in the overall margins of the company substantially. 

Experiential Operating Profit EBIT Margin(OPM)

Experiential Profit Before Tax Margin (PBT Margin)

Experiential Profit After Tax Margin (PAT Margin)

  • Experiential Profitablity Ratio

The company's profitability ratios have remained healthy in lieu of an increase in profits and effective ways of allocating funds to generate higher sales and investments in fixed assets to cater to future needs in the coming years. 

Experiential Return on Equity(RoE)

Experiential Return on Capital Employed(RoCE)

Experiential Return to Assets (RoA)

  • Experiential Valuation Ratios

Experiential Earning Yield