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Business Type

Traditional Business

Discover and get a complete analysis on NCL Buildtek Limited - Management, Business Model, Financials, Growth, Valuations, Funding Rounds, News and get latest updates on NCL Buildtek Upcoming IPO.



Face Value


Total Share


Total Income


Profit After Tax








Market Capitalisation

₹330.60 Cr

Earnings Yield

2.19 %




Buildings Products

Cashflow - Operations


Cashflow - Financing


NCL Buildtek Growth

Compounded Sales Growth

  • -6.98%

    1 Year

  • -15.65%

    2 Year

  • 0.89%

    3 Year

Pro Only

Compounded Profit Growth

  • NA

    1 Year

  • NA

    2 Year

  • NA

    3 Year

Pro Only

Return On Equity

  • -4.02%

    1 Year

  • 14.09%

    2 Year

  • 26.16%

    3 Year

Pro Only

About NCL Buildtek

  • NCL Buildtek Limited, formerly known as NCL Alltek & Seccolor Ltd is a part of the NCL Group. The company was started by Mr. Ramachandra Raju in the year 1986. which has 3 decades of experience in providing alternative and innovative building materials. The company operates through 11 manufacturing units located at different states.
  • NCL Buildtek Limited is the sole licensee in India for ICP plasters and successfully completed many prestigious projects.
  • Alltek is the first company in India to manufacture Putty (Textured Paints). It manufactures different grades and different finishes for interior and exterior applications like plain, granular, textured and other designer finishes to suit various tastes of Architects, Builders and Interior Designers.
  • Over period of time company’s product portfolio expanded to AAC Blocks, Dry-Mix Mortars, and Tile Adhesives & Flooring segments.
  • To strengthen the identity of the company as a building material company, the Board of directors decided to change the name of the company from NCL Alltek & Seccolor Limited to NCL Buildtek Limited.
  • NCL Buildtek is planning to set up a steel door unit in Sangareddy district, with an investment of over INR 10 Cr.
  • The Company is also setting up an AAC block manufacturing unit in Nellore with the investment of INR 80 Cr.
  • Major Clients: Some of the major clients of the company include Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, L&T Techno Park, Government Hospitals, Airport Authority of India (Delhi), Indira Gandhi International Airport NCC, Railway department (Vijayawada), IIM Infra Ltd.



  • A pioneer in his own right, Mr. Ramachandra Raju, in 1979 with a clear vision ventured into the cement business and thus established Nagarjuna Cements Limited (today known as NCL Industries). 
  • After this, in the late 1980s he initiated three international collaborations to produce building materials like coatings, windows, doors and panels with Alltek (Sweden), Seccolor (Italy) and Bison (Germany).

  • NCL Buildtek IPO Details

NCL Buildtek has not filed DRHP for IPO. Market is assuming its IPO in coming two to three years.

  • NCL Buildtek Product & Services

NCL Buildtek has four successful business verticals under its 


  • NCL Coatings - manufactures Putties, textures, wide range of emulsion paints 
  • NCL Windows - manufactures:

-Color coated GI windows 

-ABS Doors in collaboration with KOS, South Korea 

-uPVC Doors & Windows in collaboration with Veka AG, 


-high-end Aluminum Windows in partnership with SCHUCO

  • NCL Wall Solutions - manufactures AAC Blocks, Dry-Mix Cement Mortars & Wide range of Tile Adhesives 
  • NCL Services
  • NCL Buildtek Industry Overview

Industry Statistics

  • Over the past 15 years, India has witnessed an exceptional growth in the real estate sector. 
  • As of March 2019, Indian window and door (all material) market was around ₹ 14,000-15,000 Cr and the market share of uPVC window and door profiles was about 8-10%. 
  • As per report by Ken Research, over the next 10-15 years uPVC window and door market is expected to grow by 30 percent with new and replacement sales, major drivers of this growth would be large high-rise apartments in expanding metro cities.

Future Prospects

  • Future growth prospects remain bright considering the foray of company into affordable housing projects and its new Nellore plant shall help the company expand its production capacity, adding to the top line by roughly 120 crores once the plant becomes fully operational.
  • India Paints & Coatings market is expected to cross US$7 bn by 2023, growing at a CAGR of more than 12.87% during 2018-23. The demand of these products globally is expected to increase owing to growth of applications from end-use industries, architecture segment, regional demand, changing consumer preference for biobased products and technological advancements. 
  • Planned development of nearly 100 smart cities across India has been projected to provide significant thrust to the UPVC segment in the coming years

NCL Buildtek Strengths

  • Company’s Total non-current Assets have been increasing at a CAGR of with 2.4%.
  • Cashflow increases from -10.54 crores in 2019 to 0.81 crore in 2020
  • The company offers environmentally sustainable products and services with emphasis on customer satisfaction and happiness, inculcating endearing values among employees and benefiting all stakeholders.

NCL Buildtek Shortcomings

  • Company ROE and ROA have decreased in compare of the previous year.
  • Company’s Total revenue has decreased by -7.21% in compare of the previous year.
  • Company’s Profit after tax has decreased by -129.55% in compare of the previous year.

NCL Buildtek Opportunities

  • The materials sector in India is a key constituent of the country's construction industry. It is a category of stocks for companies involved in the discovery, development, and processing of raw materials.
  • The sector includes companies engaged in mining and metal refining, chemical products, and forestry products. Not only does the sector employ a large number of people, but also contributes significantly to the nation's economy.
  • It accounts for 8% of India's GDP and is valued at approximately $126 billion. Industry reports forecast building materials to record a CAGR of 15.7% y-o-y to reach $738.5 billion by 2022.

NCL Buildtek Threats

  • In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted the global operations of the glass industry, with some companies being more exposed to the effects of shutdowns than others, resulting in them coming under severe financial pressure.
  • The supply chain of insulating glass manufacturing was significantly disrupted in 2020. Various restrictions on cross-border movements as well as inside borders disrupted the supply chain of global insulating glass window market during 2020.
  • A majority of the production plants for insulating glass windows have either been closed or were operating with limited capacity in Europe and North America during 2020. The insulating glass window market is mainly driven by the rising trend of energy-efficient building construction.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, various building construction activities such as new and existing projects, onsite productivity, and contract value, were estimated to have slowed by 24% in 2020, when compared to 2019. However, there has been a rebound in activity during 2021.

NCL Buildtek Rating



  • NCL Buildtek Detail Info

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