• NCL Holdings Growth

Get detailed information about the NCL Holdings Pre IPO shares. In this research report, you will get to know about NCL Holdings (A&S) Limited Key Ratio data. In addition, get the Complete details about the Net Profit Growth, Revenue Growth and Book Value Growth.

NCL Holdings Revenue Growth

Growth in %

  • 72.08%

    1 Year

Revenue of the company grows when the company takes steps towards restructuring the investments in subsidiaries to bring efficiency. Most of the revenue came from the sale of land. Chemical sale is higher by 5% and the sale of the crop is higher by 37% compared to the last year.

NCL Holdings Net Profit Growth(PAT)

Growth in %

  • 523.82%

    1 Year

Total revenue of the company increased by 72% and expenses increased by only 30% compared to the last year. The company has made all the efforts to bring the operational efficiency by lowering the expenses such as COGS which is reduced by ~31%. 

NCL Holdings EPS Growth

Growth in %

  • 523.58%

    1 Year

EPS of the company increase because revenue of the company increased by higher percentage and numbers of shares are remain the same, which increase EPS of the company.

  • NCL Holdings Book Value Growth

Growth in %

  • 9.34%

    1 Year

Company retain most of their profit in the FY 2019, retention portion of net income increased the amount of reserve and surplus, which increase the amount of equity.

NCL Holdings EBITDA Growth

Growth in %

  • 5864.98%

    1 Year

EBITDA of the company grow due to higher increase in revenue compared to the increase in operating expenses such as lower cost of materials consumed, due to operational efficiency. 

NCL Holdings Operating Profit Growth

Growth in %

  • 2101.61%

    1 Year

NCL Holdings Asset Growth

Growth in %

  • 18.42%

    1 Year

Total assets of the company increase as a result of higher capital work in progress which represents new machinery to be installed to support thee expansions process and higher receivables in FY2020.

NCL Holdings Cash Flow from Operations

Growth in %

  • 96.94%

    1 Year

Cash flow of the company improve but still in negative as company is not able to collect all of their revenue from their clients.

  • NCL Holdings Solvency Ratios

Company invested most of the profits in business that increase the amount of equity and also increased debt in FY2020 but by lower percentage then equity, that's why all the solvency ratios higher then their peers and need improvement to maintain solvency for the company.

NCL Holdings D/E Ratio

NCL Holdings Current Ratio

NCL Holdings Quick Ratio

NCL Holdings Interest Coverage Ratio

  • NCL Holdings Operating Efficiency

All the operating margin ratio's of the company improve because of increase in revenue by higher percentage compared to the expenses increase. 

NCL Holdings Operating Profit EBIT Margin(OPM)

NCL Holdings Profit Before Tax Margin (PBT Margin)

NCL Holdings Profit After Tax Margin (PAT Margin)

  • NCL Holdings Profitablity Ratio

NCL Holdings Return on Equity(RoE)

Return on equity of the company increased due to improvement in the margin's of the company on the back of increased revenue and lower operating expenses. Due to the profit earned in FY20, the retained earnings has lead to increase in reserves of FY20 which has pushed the ROE ratio upwards. 

NCL Holdings Return on Capital Employed(RoCE)

Return on capital employed increased due to increase in EBIT  margin. 

NCL Holdings Return to Assets (RoA)

  • NCL Holdings Valuation Ratios

NCL Holdings Earning Yield