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Face Value


Total Share


Total Income

₹4,157.39 Cr

Profit After Tax

-₹3,381.53 Cr



Market Capitalisation

₹0.19 Cr

Enterprise Value

-₹13.58 Cr

Book Value


Earnings Yield

-330298.01 %


Consumer Discretionary


Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines



Cashflow - Operations

-₹2,432.63 Cr

Cashflow - Financing

-₹477.12 Cr

OYO Growth

Compounded Sales Growth

  • -69.91%

    1 Year

  • -20.89%

    2 Year

  • 41.32%

    3 Year

Pro Only

Compounded Profit Growth

  • 68.06%

    1 Year

  • -38.43%

    2 Year

  • -110.91%

    3 Year

Pro Only

Return On Equity

  • -73.50%


  • -139.72%


  • -34.36%


Pro Only

About OYO

  • Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd. (OYO) owns and operates an online hotel booking platform Oyorooms.com. It offers its services under the brand name Oyo Rooms with facilities such as air-conditioned rooms, spotless linen, breakfast, WiFi, washroom, and cable television. It allows users to book a room at an affordable price through its mobile application. 
  • Company focused on reshaping the short-stay accommodation space since their  incorporation in 2012 and have developed a unique two-sided technology platform focused on comprehensively addressing key pain points of their Patrons (being the owners, lessors and/or operators of storefronts listed on our platform) on the supply side and their customers (being travelers and guests who book accommodations at our Patrons’ storefronts through our platform) on the demand side.
  • Company was incorporated as ‘Oravel Stays Private Limited’ at New Delhi as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956 pursuant to a certificate of incorporation dated February 21, 2012 by the Registrar of Companies, National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana.

  • OYO IPO Details

The equity shares offered through the Red Herring Prospectus are proposed to be listed on the Stock Exchanges. The company have received in-principle approvals from BSE and NSE for the listing of the Equity Shares pursuant to letters. The Company proposes to make an IPO which comprises of fresh issue of its equity shares of Re. 1 each and offer for sale by certain shareholders’ existing equity shares of Re 1 each at such premium arrived at by the book building process (referred to as the ‘Issue’), as may be decided by the Company’s Board of Directors. 

Offer for Sale

₹ 1430.00 Cr

Fresh Issue

₹ 7000.00 Cr

Total IPO Size

₹ 8430.00 Cr

  • OYO Merger & Acquisition


  • On September 2, 2019, OYO Hotels Singapore acquired Danamica, a Copenhagen-based data science startup, for ₹57.55 Mn. Through strategic investments in technology products, processes, and people, this acquisition will aid the company's commitment to its global vacation rentals business.
  • On May 1, 2019, OYO Netherlands acquired Leisure Group, an Amsterdam-based vacation rental company, from Axel Springer for an estimated Rs.2,598 Cr. This acquisition will help OYO achieve its goal of becoming a worldwide real estate brand while preserving its leadership position in the hotel industry.
  • On February 5, 2019 the company has purchased Gurugram-based coworking startup Innov8 as per share purchase agreement. Innov8 and Guerrilla Infra Solutions Private Limited were acquired by the firm (GISPL). According to a deed of adherence dated March 8, 2019, they transferred their right to complete the transaction as set forth in the Innov8 SPA to OYO Rooms and Hospitality UK Limited (ORHUL), and ORHUL purchased the share capital of Innov8 for an aggregate value of ₹1,604 Mn. On a fully diluted basis, Innov8 owns 88.57 % of GISPL's share capital. In 2019, the company purchased the remaining 11.43 % of GISPL's share capital for an aggregate consideration of ₹183.54 Mn. through individual share purchase agreements with each of GISPL's shareholders. OYO will compete in the coworking market against New York-based We Work, 91springboard, and Sequoia-backed Awfis, among others. The transaction is also the first in India's coworking space.
  • On January 17, 2020 the subsidiary company of OYO Group Belvilla AG acquired AG's holiday homes tour operator business for a total price of ₹ 579.54 Mn. with the Belvilla brand, OYO Vacation Homes adds about 17,000 units to its existing inventory of 35,000+ fully managed vacation home units across Europe. OYO Vacation Homes Holding B.V (OVHHB) and E-Domizil Gmbh agreed to purchase all of E-Domizil GmbH's interest in Wolters Ferienhaus HH GmbH & Co. KG and all of E-Domizil GmbH's shares in Wolters Ferienhaus GMbH holding TUI AG's holiday homes tour operator business.
  • On August 1, 2018, OYO invested ₹401.50Mn. for the acquisition of Mumbai-based Weddingz.in, an online marketplace for wedding venues and merchants. OYO's foray into the $40 billion wedding sector will be marked by this acquisition, which will complement the company's core products.
  • On February 6, 2019. Oyo acquired 1,247,500 equity shares in MyPreferred Transformation and Hospitality from SB Topaz for a total of ₹4,082.85 Mn. The company established MyPreferred Transformation and Hospitality in collaboration with SoftBank-controlled SB Topaz for hotel refurbishment, upgrades, and rebranding.
  • On June 24, 2019 OYO Singapore acquired 6,250,000 equity shares of OYO Mypreferred Hospitality UK Limited (OMHUL) from SB Cayman for an aggregate consideration of ₹ 3,728.52 Mn. The global transfer and exit agreement terminated the shareholders' agreement dated July 9, 2019 between OYO Singapore, OMHUL, and SB Cayman ("Global Mypreferred SSA"). JV Mountainia Developers was formed to acquire new hotel properties for the hotel chain, and its activities include purchasing fully built real estate and land acquisitions for the development of new hotel assets. Following OYO Singapore's purchase of OMHUL's equity interests from SB Cayman, OMHUL became a subsidiary of OYO Singapore.
  • On 5 May 2022, The company has completed the acquisition of Direct Booker, a firm located in Europe, for $5.5 Mn. (over Rs 40 crore). According to Oyo, Direct Booker has over 3,200 households and has served over 20 lakh consumers. This acquisition would help Oyo expand its foothold in Europe, particularly in Croatia, where it currently has almost 1,800 holiday homes on its Belvilla platform and over 7,000 houses on its Traum Ferienwohnungen platform, according to the company.


  • On Oct 30, 2018, OYO has invested in OYO LIFE  was valued at ¥8.3Bn

Investments of Company in last 3 years (INR in Million)

  • OYO Subsidiaries

Subsidiaries which have commenced operations:

  • OYO Hotels and Homes Private Limited (“OHHPL”)
  • Belvilla AG (“BA”)
  • Dancenter A/S (“DA”)
  • Traum-Ferienwohnungen GmbH (“TFG”)
  • Pt. OYO Rooms Indonesia (“PORI”)
  • Oravel Stays Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“OYO Singapore”)
  • OYO Hotels Singapore Pte Ltd (“OYOHSPL”)
  • OYO Hospitality Netherlands B.V. (“OYO Netherlands”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality (UK) Limited (“OTHUL”)
  • OYO Hotels Inc. (“OHI”)
  • OYO Hotel Management (Shanghai) Company Limited (“OHMSCL”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes LLC (“OVHL”)
  • Innov8 Inc (“Innov8”)
  • OYO Hospitality UK Limited (“OHUL”)
  • OYO Rooms and Hospitality UK Limited (“ORHUL”)
  • Admiral Strand Feriehuse ApS (“ASFA”)
  • Belvilla Alquiler de Vacaciones España S.L. (“BADVES”)
  • Belvilla Deutschland GmbH (“BDG”)
  • Belvilla Ferienwohnungen GmbH (“BFG”)
  • Belvilla France SARL (“BFS”)
  • Belvilla Croatia Ltd. (“BCL”)
  • Belvilla Italia Srl (“BIS”)
  • Belvilla Nederland BV (“BNB”)
  • Belvilla Services BV (“BSB”)
  • Dancenter EDB- Service ApS (“DESA”)
  • Dancenter GmbH (“DG”)
  • Guerrilla Infra Solutions Private Limited (“GISPL”)
  • Loc Vacances S.à.r.l (“LVS”)
  • OYO Hospitality & Information Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited (“OHITSCL”)
  • OYO Hospitality Company W.L.L. (“OHCWLL”)
  • OYO Hotels Canada Inc (“OHCI”)
  • OYO Hotels Switzerland GmbH (“OHSG”)
  • OYO Life Real Estate LLC (“OLREL”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality UK Limited (“OMHUL”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality II UK Limited (“OMHUL-II”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality III UK Limited (“OMHUL-III”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality USA Inc (“OMHUA”)
  • OYO Oravel Technology Company (“OOTC”)
  • OYO Rooms Hospitality SDN BHD (“ORHSB”)
  • OYO Technology & Hospitality (Vietnam) LLC (“OTHVLLC”)
  • OYO Technology & Hospitality, SL (“OTHS”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality (Thailand) Limited (“OTHTL”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality FZ-LLC (“OTHF”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality LLC (“OTHL”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality Philippines Inc (“OTHPI”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes Rental L.L.C (“OVHRL”)
  • OYO Workspaces India Private Limited (“OWIPL”)
  • Pt. OYO Hotels Indonesia (“POHI”)
  • Residence De Monbrison A/S (“RDMA”)
  • Saudi Hospitality Systems for Consultations and Researches (“SHSCR”)
  • Wolters Ferienhaus GmbH (“WFG”)
  • Beijing Bei Ke You Jia Technology Company Limited (“BBYTCL”)
  • Beijing Jiayoulewan Technology Company Limited (“BJTCL”)
  • Dalian Qianyu Wanyu Trading Company Limited (“DQWTCL”)
  • Mypreferred Transformation and Hospitality Private Limited (“MTHPL”)
  • OC Investor 803 ECT Expressway, LLC (“OCI LLC”)
  • Oravel Technology & Hospitality Lanka (Pvt) Limited (“OTHLPL”)
  • OYO Hotels France SARL (“OHFS”)
  • OYO Hotels Germany GmbH (“OHGG”)
  • OYO Hotels Italia S.R.L (“OHIS”)
  • OYO Hotels Netherlands B.V (“OHNBV”)
  • OYO Kitchen India Private Limited (“OKIPL”)
  • OYO Rooms & Technology LLC (“ORTL”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes Holding B.V (“OVHHB”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes UK Limited (“OVHUL”)
  • OYO (Shanghai) Investment Company Limited (“OSICL”)
  • OYO Hospitality Inc.
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality (China) Pte Limited (“OTHCPL”)

Subsidiaries yet to commence operations:

  • OYO Rooms and Technology (Malaysia) SDN. BHD. (“ORTMSB”)
  • Oravel Hotels LLC (“OHL”)
  • AanZee VillaXL BV (“AZVB”)
  • Oravel Hotels (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“Oravel Singapore”)
  • Oravel Vacation Homes Denmark ApS (“OVHDA”)
  • OYO Enterprises Service (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (“OESSCL”)
  • OYO Financial and Technology Services Private Limited (“OFTSPL”)
  • OYO Franchising LLC (“OFL”)
  • OYO Hotels (Bangladesh) Limited (“OHBL”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality (Singapore) Private Limited (“OMHSPL”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality Japan, GK (“OMHJ”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes Cayman (“OVHC”)

Other Subsidiaries:

  • Edificio Transformation & Hospitality Private Limited
  • Espacioso Transformation & Hospitality Private Limited
  • Fabuloso Transformation & Hospitality Private Limited
  • Genial Transformation & Hospitality Private Limited

OYO Business Model

OYO business model relies on the Patrons who list their storefronts on its platform and its large base of Customers who book accommodations at Patrons’ storefronts through OYO platform.

The value proposition to the Patrons of OYO hotel and homes business is based on their integrated, full-stack technology suite, which empowers all mission-critical aspects of their business operations. In turn, the Patrons provide them with distribution rights (largely on an exclusive basis) and significant control over pricing decisions relating to their storefront inventory, which enables them to maximize their revenue generation potential through the dynamic pricing algorithms.

They distribute Patrons’ hotel and home storefront inventory through the D2C channels on the platform and through indirect channels with third party OTAs and generally earn an average revenue share of 20% to 35% of GBV (net of discounts and loyalty points), which creates strong alignment between OYO and its Patrons. They also offer a listing only service, where Patrons can list their storefronts on the platform for a fixed subscription fee.

Asset-light Model of OYO:

They have an asset-light business model and a lean cost structure. They do not own the storefronts listed on the platform. As at March 31, 2021, 99.9% of the storefronts did not have contracts with minimum guarantees or fixed payout commitments from us, with any investments, capital expenditure, storefront employee costs and other expenses relating to the operation of such storefronts borne large.



  • OYO Revenue Segmentation

  • Revenue generated from sale of accommodation services
  • Revenue generated from commission from bookings
  • Revenue generated from cancellation of booking
  • Revenue generated from other sources
  • Other Income
  • OYO Product & Services


The company is  focused on reshaping the short-stay accommodation space since their incorporation in 2012 and have developed a unique two-sided technology platform focused on comprehensively addressing key pain points of their Patrons (being the owners, lessors and/or operators of storefronts listed on our platform) on the supply side and their customers (being travelers and guests who book accommodations at our Patrons’ storefronts through our platform) on the demand side.

Company offer other services to like :