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Stock Splits

The company on December 18, 2021, has split the Rs. 10 equity share into 10 shares of Re. 1 each.

1:10 Dec. 18, 2021
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The company was alleged that payments routed by Cox and Kings Limited using company's platform were non-operational in nature and were used with an intent to divert funds. An amount of ₹1,771.50 million (excluding taxes), paid by Cox and Kings Limited to the Company as payment gateway charges, has been claimed by the resolution professional from the Company.
Download June 30, 2021
A complaint has been filed before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court by Shri K K Venu, Income Tax Officer (“Petitioner”) in December 2020 on account of delay by the Company in the payment of tax deducted at source for Financial Year 2018. The Petitioner has claimed an amount of ₹17.64 million against the Company.
Download Dec. 15, 2020
The Stamp Collector Office, Mumbai under Maharashtra Stamp Act, 1958 issued a demand notice dated July 20, 2021 claiming an amount of ₹0.52 million as stamp involved the transfer of the equity shares of Zaitech to our Company. The company had in turn, submitted an objection dated August 25, 2021 against the Notice of Demand and requested for the computation of the stamp duty to be shared.
Download May 11, 2020