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  • Phases is a skincare brand with a mission to empower tweens and teenagers by promoting self-confidence, authenticity, and healthy skin through safe and sustainable skincare products. They celebrate individuality and inclusivity.
  • The founders, Sannjana Raghu Amberkar and Raghunandan J Amberkar, bring a diverse skill set in HR, skincare formulation, and business management to the brand.
  • Phases operate in a growing skincare market in India characterized by direct-to-consumer dominance, a focus on clean ingredients, inclusivity, and sustainability. The Indian cosmetics industry has exhibited consistent growth over the past five years.
  • Phases offers unique, eco-friendly skincare co-created with teenagers.
  • Product line: makeup remover, moisturizer, gel cleanser, sunscreen, and hydrating moisturizer.
  • Revenue streams: direct sales, subscriptions, collaborations, and global expansion.
  • SWOT analysis guides strategy, aligning with trends, strong values, scalability, and positive impact, making it an attractive investment.

Our Team


Raghunandan J Amberkar

( Co-Founder )

Raghunandan J Amberkar, with his MBA in HR and industrial experience, complements Phases' leadership. His background in human resources management equips him with valuable skills in team management and organizational development, contributing to the startup's growth and success.


Sannjana Raghu Amberkar

( Founder )

Sannjana Raghu Amberkar brings a diverse skill set to Phases. With an MBA in HR and a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, she possesses a deep understanding of both business management and skincare product development. Her Certificate in Organic Anti-aging Skincare reflects her commitment to providing safe and effective skincare solutions to empower teenagers on their journey through adolescence.



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