1. 1Sri Chakra Cement Essentials
    1. 1.1 Sri Chakra Cement ISIN
    2. 1.2 Sri Chakra Cement Face Value
    3. 1.3 Sri Chakra Cement Total Share
    4. 1.4 Sri Chakra Cement Total Income
    5. 1.5 Sri Chakra Cement Profit After Tax
    6. 1.6 Sri Chakra Cement Promoter Holding
    7. 1.7 Sri Chakra Cement EPS
    8. 1.8 Sri Chakra Cement P/E
    9. 1.9 Sri Chakra Cement P/B
    10. 2.0 Sri Chakra Cement Market Capitalisation
    11. 2.1 Sri Chakra Cement Enterprise Value
    12. 2.2 Sri Chakra Cement Book Value
    13. 2.3 Sri Chakra Cement Intrinsic Value
    14. 2.4 Sri Chakra Cement Earnings Yield
    15. 2.5 Sri Chakra Cement Dividend Yield
    16. 2.6 Sri Chakra Cement Sector
    17. 2.7 Sri Chakra Cement Sub-sector
    18. 2.8 Sri Chakra Cement Category
    19. 2.9 Sri Chakra Cement Cashflow - Operations
    20. 3.0 Sri Chakra Cement Cashflow - Financing
  2. 2Sri Chakra Cement Growth
    1. 2.1 Sri Chakra Cement Compounded Sales Growth
    2. 2.2 Sri Chakra Cement Compounded Profit Growth
    3. 2.3 Sri Chakra Cement Return On Equity
  3. 3 About Sri Chakra Cement
  4. 4 Sri Chakra Cement IPO Details
  5. 5 Sri Chakra Cement Funding
  6. 6 Sri Chakra Cement Merger & Acquisition
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    2. 6.2 Sri Chakra Cement Acquisition
    3. 6.3 Sri Chakra Cement Investments
  7. 7 Sri Chakra Cement Subsidiaries
  8. 8 Sri Chakra Cement Business Model
  9. 9 Sri Chakra Cement Revenue Segmentation
  10. 10 Sri Chakra Cement Product & Services
  11. 11 Sri Chakra Cement Assets
  12. 12 Sri Chakra Cement Industry Overview
    1. 12.1 Sri Chakra Cement Industry Statistics
    2. 12.2 Sri Chakra Cement Future Prospects
    3. 12.3 Sri Chakra Cement Government Initiatives
  13. 13 Sri Chakra Cement Awards & Achievements
  14. 14 Sri Chakra Cement SWOT
    1. 14.1 Sri Chakra Cement Strengths
    2. 14.2 Sri Chakra Cement Shortcomings
    3. 14.3 Sri Chakra Cement Opportunities
    4. 14.4 Sri Chakra Cement Government Threats
  15. 15 Sri Chakra Cement Rating
  16. 16 Sri Chakra Cement Detail Info

Sri Chakra Cement Essentials

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- Expected Sri Chakra Cement Upcoming IPO Date
- Expected Price Band
- Management Details (Ownership)
- Business Model
- Key Ratios
- Peer Comparisons
- Financial reports (Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Results, Growth, Valuations, Funding Rounds)
- Latest News (Articles and Videos)
- Upcoming and Past Events Details

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Face Value


Total Share


Total Income

₹195.51 Cr

Profit After Tax

₹9.61 Cr







Market Capitalisation

₹97.20 Cr

Enterprise Value

₹122.63 Cr

Book Value


Intrinsic Value


Earnings Yield

9.24 %






Stopped Trading On Exchange

Cashflow - Operations

₹4.91 Cr

Cashflow - Financing

₹3.63 Cr

Sri Chakra Cement Growth

Compounded Sales Growth

  • 33.10%

    1 Year

  • 0.18%

    4 Year

  • 3.57%

    6 Year

Pro Only

Compounded Profit Growth

  • -18.42%

    1 Year

  • 331.04%

    3 Year

  • 7.21%

    6 Year

Pro Only

Return On Equity

  • 18.78%


  • 0.21%


  • 47.20%


Pro Only

About Sri Chakra Cement

  • Sri Chakra cement is mainly engaged in the business of manufacturer of OPC 53/ 43 and PPC grade cement and captive solar power generation.
  • It majorly produces clinker and cement of two types, OPC and PPC.
  • Company's manufacturing unit is in Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • The company was incorporated on 3rd October 1981 and its Headquarter is in Guntur, AP.
  • The share of Sri chakra cement last traded at BSE on 18th Nov. 1999 at Rs. 2.25/-

  • Sri Chakra Cement IPO Details

Company is not planning for IPO in near future.

  • Sri Chakra Cement Subsidiaries

There were no such companies which have come or ceased to be the company’s subsidiaries, joint ventures or associate companies

  • Sri Chakra Cement Revenue Segmentation

  • Revenue from sale of cement
  • Interest Income
  • Scrap Sales
  • Profit on sale of Investments ( Equity
  • Government Grant
  • Interest on fir value of bank FD's
  • Sri Chakra Cement Product & Services

  • Cement: OPC 53/43 grade
  • Cement PPC grade
  • Clinker
  • Sri Chakra Cement Assets

AssetsAmount in Lakhs.
Flat at Vijaynag Aram8.59
Plant & Machinery4927.44


Furniture & fix.2.36
Solar Plant2247.69
  • Sri Chakra Cement Industry Overview

Industry Statistics

  • Cement industry forms part of the core industrial sectors in the country and in terms of production, India is the second largest producer of the commodity. Similarly, India ranks 2nd in global rankings of cement consumption. It accounts for more than 7% of the global installed capacity.
  • The production of the commodity grew at a CAGR of 1.4% during the period FY16 to FY21. Though the overall production of cement has reached to 296 mn tones in FY21 from 334 mn tones FY20, which is primarily due to restrictions imposed under COVID-19 related lockdowns such as closure of factories, suspension of construction. 
  • Though volumes declined, profitability margins of the industry players improved particularly in 9MFY21 and H1FY21 as compared with FY20 on account of lower cost of inputs till H1FY21 and various cost rationalizations measures undertaken by players such as switching to imported coal from pet coke and other overhead control measures.  
  • Higher government spending on infrastructure and housing, and rising per capita incomes have been the key growth drivers for the cement industry.
  • Cement demand is also closely linked to the overall economic growth, particularly the housing and infrastructure sector. Long term cement demand growth rate is estimated at 1.2 times the GDP growth rate.
  • The cement consumption within the country grew at a CAGR of 1.7% during the period FY17 to FY21, raised from 267 mn tones to 285 mn tones

Future Prospects

  • FY 22, the cement production in India increased by 4.7% YOY, given by government strong focus on infrastructure development.
  • Indian Cement industry is likely to add 80 ML tones capacity by 2024, the highest since the last 10 year. 

Government Initiatives

  • PM awas yojana, initiated by Indian government which help to cement sector in sales.
  • Government expended National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP)' to 7,400 projects worth Rs 1.10 lakh crore.

Sri Chakra Cement Strengths

  • Sri chakra cement is shifting its manufacturing capacity from OPC to PPC, which is less costly and more suitable in all type of construction. OPC was more costly in production and can't be used in heavy construction like highways, or public construction. 

Sri Chakra Cement Shortcomings

  • Company’s return on equity and return on capital employed ratio is low as compared to its peers group.

Sri Chakra Cement Opportunities

  • Country’s increased demand of cement due to various government initiative is an opportunity for the cement manufacturer.
  • Sri Chakra cement is shifting its manufacturing of OPC cement to PPC cement which is less costly in manufacturing compared to OPC, helps to bring operational efficiency. Moreover, PPC can be used in any building project from houses to bridge.
  • Indian cement companies are the world’s greenest cement manufacturing, which opens various export opportunities for the cement manufacturers. 

Sri Chakra Cement Threats

  • Major cost in cement manufacturing is fuel cost and freight cost, which accounts around 50% of total cost. With the increasing cost of fuel, it may decrease the profit margins due to high cost in producing and transporting by road. 
Sri Chakra Cement Rating



  • Sri Chakra Cement Detail Info

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Reg Office: D.No.27/4/1, Kannavari Thota, 1st Floor, Beside Central Excise Office, Guntur District, AP-522104.

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