Manufacturing and selling of toys.

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About Urban Tots

  • Deepak Houseware and toys (DH&T) is primarily involved in business of manufacturing and selling plastic toys, electronic toys and roll plays. 
  • The company's products are available of retail outlets like Hamleys, FirstCry, DMart, Reliance Retail, etc. and as well as online like Flipkart and Amazon. The company also owns its retail outlet named as Urban Tot.
  • DH&T is currently planning to foray into metallic toys and wooden toys, which are first of its kind in India.
  • The company has in total of 60 machines in the factory up and running and separate wooden toys department in place as well.
  • The state government of Rajasthan, under the DIC scheme, has selected Urban Tots that provides them with a subsidy of 5% on interest payments to promote employment in the state. 
  • The company started its operations in August 2021, in lieu of COVID-19 restrictions. and has generated Rs. 16 Cr. in revenue in just nine months aggregating to a total revenue of Rs. 16 Cr. in FY22, which is within 20 months of incorporations. 
  • The company was incorporated on August 6, 2020 and headquartered at ROC-Jaipur.

  • Urban Tots IPO Details

Currently, the company has no intentions to raise funds through IPO.

  • Urban Tots Subsidiaries

  • The company does not have any joint ventures/subsidiaries. 

Urban Tots Business Model

  • The company manufactures and sell toys at various retail outlet like Hamleys, DMart, FirstCry , Vishal Mega Mart, City Kart, VMart, Reliance Retail, etc. as well as on Flipkart.  The company also has a retail outlet of their own named as Urban Tots.
  • Urban Tots Revenue Segmentation

  • Other Income
  • Sale of toys
  • Urban Tots Product & Services

  • Plastics Toys
  • Electrical Toys
  • Roll Plays
  • Baby Swimming Pools
  • Other kids wear activity toys
  • Urban Tots Assets

Total assets of the company as on 31st, March 2022

Particulars(Amount in Rs. Crores)
Plant and Machinery13.07
Office Equipments.05
  • Urban Tots Industry Overview

Industry Statistics

  • The toys & games market includes retail sales of action figures, activity toys, dolls, games, infant and baby toys, miniature models, plush toys, puzzles, ride-on model toys, and toy vehicles.
  • Prior to 2020, the Indian toys & games market had been growing at a very strong rate. However, in 2020 the market fell into decline amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Indian toys & games retail market shrank by 24% in 2020 to reach a value of $2,294.7 million. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the market in the period 2016–20 was 1.1%.
  • In 2021 the market has recovered and reached to a value of $2,556.5 million, registering a growth rate of 11.4% from 2020, primarily on account of curbs in the COVID-19 lockdown restriction, which has positively impacted the industry. This trend is expected to drive the total market value in the industry in 2022 to $2984.5 million, registering a growth of 16.7% from 2021.
  • India’s massive population offers a huge consumer base for toys and games makers, which was helping to drive growth in this market prior to 2020. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Continued economic growth has been creating an enlarged middle class with increased spending power leaving more disposable income to spend on toys and games.
  • The market is extremely seasonal with the biggest spikes in sales around Diwali and Christmas. It is easy for customers to move from one retailer to another based on price and this boosts the intensity of rivalry. The popularity of many toys and games is short-lived or seasonal, which means the retail market is subject to rapid change, further boosting rivalry.
  • The toys and games industry is mainly dependent on demand growth in the domestic markets, as exports accounted for 22.4% of total production output in 2020. India ranks 11th in the Asia Pacific region in terms of exports share. India accounts for 5.8% of the Asia-Pacific toys & games retail market value. China accounts for a further 57.7% of the Asia-Pacific market.
  • Competitive Landscape: The toys and games retail market is fairly fragmented, with numerous players present, boosting competition within the market. Five largest companies accounted for 14.2% of production value in 2020. The industry’s concentration increased over the year. Mattel Toys (India) Pvt Ltd remained the leading company in India’s toys and games industry, and accounted for 6.9% of production value in 2020.

Future Prospects

  • In 2025, the Indian toys & games retail market is forecast to have a value of $4,173.6 million, an increase of 81.9% since 2020.
  • The compound annual growth rate of the market in the period 2020–25 is predicted to be 12.7%.
  • In 2025, the Asia-Pacific toys & games retail market is forecast to have a value of $52.1 billion, an increase of 31.6% since 2020. The compound annual growth rate of the market in the period 2020–25 is predicted to be 5.6%.
  • Retailers are dependent on providing popular products and products of high quality and this, coupled with the high level of product differentiation in the market, boosts supplier power.

Government Initiatives

  • Government regulation is strict for the manufacturers of toys as toys must pass certain safety tests in order to be sold. Products that have been deemed unsafe after sale are often recalled which can impact heavily on not only retailers' revenues and brand reputation but also to the suppliers. 

Urban Tots Strengths

  • DH&T has reached out to major retail outlets that derives the best possible sales channel to expand and reach economies of scale, which also speaks about the quality of products
  • The company has also established sales contract outside India, namely London and Hongkong within 6 months of incorporation. 
  • The company is also first movers in manufacturing of metallic toys in India as later all the metallic toys are imported, mainly from China and Thailand. 

Urban Tots Shortcomings

  • DH&T is yet to establish itself as a pioneer in the toy industry. 
  • The company's website is under maintenance, which limits the company's ability to become a brand that people recognize. 

Urban Tots Opportunities

  • As per Statista, India's population between the age groups of 0–14 accounts for about 26% of the total and is expected to grow. This provides an opportunity for DH&T to target a larger audience and expand its market share in the coming years. 
  • India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Continued economic growth has been creating an enlarged middle class with increased spending power leaving more disposable income to spend on toys and games.

Urban Tots Threats

  • Toys that are manufactured and imported from China, Taiwan, and various other countries pose a threat to Indian toy manufacturers as, despite being produced from cheap substances, they are relatively cheap and capture a large market share.  Hence, they posses, a threat to new entrants in the industry.
  • Further, Low cost switching for buyers and the relative ease of access to both buyers and suppliers makes market entry relatively simple. However, there exists a low level of product differentiation, so newcomers may find it harder to attract buyers away from existing incumbents.
  • The most significant substitute to the toys and games retail market is digital alternatives including games consoles, tablets, and mobile phone apps. These substitutes are becoming more prevalent in an increasingly digital age
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