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As an Employee

60% find it difficult to meet household expenses.
75% of them are not prepared for sudden loss of income.

As a Family

80% of their goals are reached after borrowing.
30% are worried they can't afford kid's education and all.

At Retirement

75% are still working & can't afford to quit.
66% are dependent on Children & Charity.

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Planning is to gauze your Current Status, Short Term and Long Term Goals and Risk Assessment.


Putting your financial plan to work. Leveraging Planify single platform to enable buying of Investments, Insurance and Loans.


Finally, manage your journey with us and watch making your way to achieve everything you ever want in your life.

What Our Custumers say

Planify is true to its vision on "Plan your life". Nobody can make financial planning sound so simple by planning all the different junctures of life.

Robin Singh,
SDE Lead, Expedia - Bangalore

Planify ease tax planning, health insurance to car insurance they have it all under one roof. I highly recommend Planify. 

Pradeep Sharma,
Senior Analyst - Bravura Solutions, Jammu

"Sessions with planify are a very good experience".


"Session in financial plannings are fun with Planify. They provide a new perspective to look at investments".


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