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start today‘ The sooner, the better it is,

which means as soon you can start it will be better,

then why not start today for regulating your financial plannings, to learn about the finance.’

  • Let’s take a step forward in order to carry on a better future through planify.
  • Let’s together start it today for the better tomorrow.
  • Finance is one of the most vital elements in one’s life then let us get in to be aware of certain issues and acknowledge the deep roots of finance.
  • Let’s be independent by learning about finance and not relying upon any finance advisor for the regulation of your plans.
  • Let’s make it big by making more and more people get into this.
  • I invested 5 Lacs with Planify recommendation in AU Small Finance bank and made a whopping 10 Lacs of profit in a year time frame. They only look for the opportunities that promise good returns.  I have numerous investments with Planify and can’t say enough good.

    Dr. Nikhil Gupta
    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Chandigarh
  • We strive so hard daily to get our finances right. Sessions with Planify just ease that load off your shoulders tax planning, health insurance to car insurance they have it all under one roof. I highly recommend Planify. 

    Pradeep Sharma
    Senior Analyst - Bravura Solutions, Jammu
  • Pre-IPO is a whole new asset class with Planify. They have a unique approach to investments and have brought this service to small investors like me who can’t take position in Private equity. I made great returns from the money I invested 2 years back with Planify’s recommendation.

    Surtî Pàsrichà
    Make up Artist, Delhi
  • I always had inertia towards understanding financial terminologies and income tax return. Planify made it simply for me by taking all the hassle. Today, I am completely aware on my investments and has got my risks covered with proper term and health insurance. Thank you planify.

    Yamini Mishra
    Senior Software Engineer, Snapdeal
  • Planify is true to its vision on "Plan your life". Nobody can make financial planning sound so simple by planning all the different junctures of life. Be it higher studies, marriage, kids or retirement or buying a home or a car. Second - They ensure your Plan - B, by covering risks in terms of life and health, is strong to support your Plan - A. Great knowledge and service indeed.

    Robin Singh
    SDE Lead, Expedia - Bangalore
  • As an investor I am constantly searching for solid investment opportunities and the ones presented by Rajesh Singla and his team always rise to the top.  I have invested in seven pre-stocks and each has met or exceeded Rajesh’s well-calculated projections. They are really meticulous when it comes to money. Thanks indeed for great service Planify

    Devinder Sharma
    Chief Growth Officer, iCubeWire
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