Barbeque Nation Upcoming IPO (Review & Analysis)

05 July, 2021

Barbeque Nation Upcoming IPO (Review & Analysis) | Barbeque Nation Share Price | Planify


Discover and get info on Barbeque Nations Pre IPO Shares, Unlisted and De-listed Shares Stocks before buying, selling or investing - Complete Review, Analysis, Products, Strengths, Financials & Valuations, Promoters, latest News and estimated returns.

Barbeque Nations is the Indian restaurant chain headquartered in Bengaluru, Chennai. The restaurant chain also has a private equity firm CX partner as an Investor.

Barbeque Nation’s first restaurant was opened in January 2006 in Mumbai and following the year the second restaurant opened in Bengaluru. Till 31st March 2019 has 129 branches out of which 127 branches are in India, 1 in Dubai, and 1 in Malaysia.

Barbeque Nations is the largest and fastest-growing restaurant chain in India.

Revenue of the Barbeque Nations increased from Rs 183 Cr to Rs 703 Cr in the last 6 years and targeting 22% growth for 2022. EBITDA of the company increased from Rs 90 Cr to Rs 101 Cr in 2018-2019.

Net profit declined this year due to excess expenditure on unnecessary items. The company has provided Rs 1/share dividend to its investors in the year 2018-19.

Continuing with current policies and management, the company will assure its lead position and promises a better return on investments. We at planify give it 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

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