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05 July, 2021

Bira Beer Pre IPO (Review & Analysis) | Bira Beer Unlisted Share Price | Planify


Discover and get info on B9 Beverages LTD Unlisted Pre IPO Stock before buying, selling or investing - Complete Review, Analysis, Products, Strengths, Financials & Valuations, Promoters, latest News and estimated returns.

B9 Beverages Private Limited manufactures alcoholic beverages. The company offers various flavors of the beer. B9 beverages serve customers in India and the USA. One of the biggest strengths of Bira 91 is its taste which helped them to capture large market share in India.

Revenue to the company increased from Rs 32 Cr in 2017 to Rs 183 Cr in 2019 which showed CAGR growth 140% in 2 years. Reserves of the company increased by CAGR of 50.6% from Rs 45.4 Cr in 2017 to Rs 103 Cr 2019. Profits of the company are presently negative and declared no dividends to its shareholders.

Financial statements are clearly showing the strength and the potential of the company to sustain for the longer term. The company is also diversifying its business and planning to expand in other states too which will be added benefit in the finance of the company, hence at planify we rate it 3.5 out of 5.

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