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blog/video/Employee Health Insurance | क्या Employee को Health Insurance लेना चाहिए? I Planify

Employee Health Insurance | क्या Employee को Health Insurance लेना चाहिए? I Planify

Most of us think that why do we need separate health insurance when we are already provided with the group health insurance by the employer.  I would tell you 2 reasons:

a) Does your company insurance is enough to cover you or your family in any critical disease? 

b) Second, they forget that what will happen when they leave the company say they quit, get fired, or at the age of retirement, when their bodies will not be as perfect as they are today and when we will suffer from some common issues like BP or diabetes?  Will they get health insurance at that time? At an old age, it is very difficult to buy the insurance and if you do you don’t reap the true benefits of insurance that you might have got if you had purchased the insurance at the right age, moreover it is very expensive. A lot of employees tend to buy health insurance just for the same cause. Is it the best choice. Not really. So, what should the employees do?  In my opinion, they should buy a top-up or super top-up plan. 

Watch this video to know about -
1. Health Insurance Plans for Private Employees 
2. Health Insurance Plans for Government Employees
3. Why Employees should have  Health Insurance with super Top Up Plans.
4. Types of Top-up Plans.
5. What is Super Top Up Plans?
6. Benefits of Super Top Up Plans.
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