What is Employee Stock Option Plan(ESOP) | How ESOP Works

22 June, 2021

What is Employee Stock Option Plan(ESOP)| How ESOP Works | Understand ESOP in Hindi | Planify | 2021

What is ESOP - Employee stock option plan (ESOPs), Also known as Employee Stock Option Scheme in India is a type of equity compensation granted by companies to their employees.

In this video, you will learn How ESOP works in India? Also called Employee Stock Ownership Plans in India is a system by which a company allows its employees to purchase shares of the company.

Topics Covered:

1- Do you work in an Indian private company?

2- Understanding Start-Ups space

3- Why Employee does not realize the value of ESOPs?

4- Understanding Basic Terminologies - (Grant Date, Vesting Date, Vesting Period, and Exercise Date, Exercise Price, Fair Market Value)

5- Different Incentive Plans? (ESOPs, ESPP, Phantom Shares/Stock Appreciation Rights, and Restricted Stock Units, Restricted Stock Awards)
6- How to calculate Income tax on ESOPs for (Listed stocks and Unlisted Stocks)?

7- Understanding with Examples

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