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blog/video/Orbis Financial Pre IPO - Game Changer for Indian Finance Industry? | Should you invest?

Orbis Financial Pre IPO - Game Changer for Indian Finance Industry? | Should you invest?

Dive into the world of Orbis Financial, a company making waves in India's financial sector. But is it all it's cracked up to be? Planify digs deep, uncovering the facts, figures, and potential game-changing aspects of Orbis. You can buy Orbis Pre Ipo shares from Planify directly. Contact us to connect with us!

About Orbis:

Orbis Financial Services ("Orbis") has been a prominent provider of securities Services in India. Orbis entered the financial markets as a "Custodian of Securities", it provides investment services. The company focuses on brokers, portfolio managers, wealth managers, hedge, and private equity funds, as well as offers custodian services including clearing, settlement, risk management, and fund accounting.

Institutional investors like Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI), Mutual Funds, and Insurance Companies like Life Insurance Corporations (LIC) when willing to invest in the market, usually prefer to do so by designating custodians who in turn manage the buying, selling, recording of dividend and tax for the clients and then charging fee for their services. Custodians has expertise and technology to manage heavy volumes of buy/sell orders placed by the clients and keep a record of dividend and taxes for the clients

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00:00 - Pre Cap
00:39 - Introduction
01:45 - What Orbis Financial Does?
02:38 - What is a Custodian?
03:45 - Front Running Scam Case
07:35 - Orbis Strengths
10:46 - Orbis Weaknesses
11:50 - Orbis Financial Numbers
13:17 - Should you invest?
16:44 - Conclusion
17:26 - Disclaimer

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