Policy Bazaar IPO Details- Business, Financials, Upcoming IPO

17 November, 2021

​Policybazaar IPO Details- Business, Financials, Upcoming IPO| Policy Bazaar Unlisted shares | Planify ​


​Policybazaar IPO Details - Business, Financials, Upcoming IPO | Policy Bazaar Unlisted shares . . We talk about Policybazaar Pre IPO, Business model, Policybazaar shares price, and industry overview. Check all relevant information before buying, selling, or Investing in a company's shares. check out the latest news, valuations, and revenue of  @Policybazaar  Pre IPO with  @Planify  PB Fintech Limited has created India's largest online platform for insurance and lending products. They've developed two platforms, Policybazaar and Paisabazaar, to serve the vast and underserved online insurance and loan sectors. It was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in Delhi. Policybazaar unlisted shares are now India’s foremost insurance aggregator and a leading fintech player globally with 93.4% market share based on policies sold till FY2020. Policybazaar has grown to become India's largest insurance aggregator and a worldwide fintech leader, with a market share of 93.4 percent based on policies sold through FY2020. Policybazaar provides a platform for insurance providers and clients to bridge the gap by giving correct guidance, transparency, and easy policy comparison for customers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time Duration 0:00 - Precap 0:30 - Introduction 0:52 - Discussion about CEO, Company's branding and Strategies 1:26 - About Web Aggregator License 02:00 - Policybazaar IPO 02:35 - Policybazaar Funding 03:00 - Policybazaar Subsidiary 03:08 - Policybazaar Financials 04:20 - Policybazaar Financials Overview 04:39 - Policybazaar Intrinsic Value 05:28 - Policybazaar Corporate Events 05:58 - Policybazaar Awards and Achievements 06:35 - Disclaimer Contact us at +91 7065560002 via Whatsapp/Normal call Or Mail us at help@planify.in