Religare Health Insurance Pre IPO (Review & Analysis)

05 July, 2021

Religare Health Insurance Pre IPO (Review & Analysis) | Religare Unlisted Shares Price | Planify

Discover and get info Religare Health Insurance Unlisted Pre IPO Stock before buying, selling or investing - Complete Review, Analysis, Products, Strengths, Financials & Valuations, Promoters, latest News and estimated returns.

Religare Health Insurance company Limited was incorporated in July2012 headquartered in Gurugram Haryana. Religare Health Insurance is marketed by a team behind the hospital chain known as Fortis HealthCare which is one of the six standalone health insurers in India.

One of the biggest strengths of Religare Health Insurance is a Strong brand name with diversified products and services and providing almost all kind of Health Insurance. Religare Health Insurance has a strong network and connection with more than 5420 leading hospitals across the country.

The company has shown a profit of 0.48 Cr in quarterly earnings of June 2019 against loss of 1.2 Crore in the last quarter of June 2018 which is a good sign. However, income from investment also increased from 48,352 thousand in 2018 to 51,211 thousand in 2019.

Religare Enterprises Limited is a major stakeholder with 88.46% of the company’s Share means a strong Backup. The company has tied up with more than 10,000 hospitals and does not involve any third party in claim settlement. At, planify we would rate this company 3 out of 5.

Please check out the link mentioned below to read the planify view in Financial Express over Religare Health Insurance.   

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